What is nofollow | Is all this fuss about Google PR annoying you?


Since Big G did the Page Rank update there has been even more talk about nofollow and dofollow links.

What is a nofollow

nofollow guide

Let's learn some NOFOLLOW

In my own simple words, it is an attribute you can assign to a link that will tell Google not to follow the link.

Basically, it tells the Search engine that the link should not influence the targeted page’s search engine ranking.

Did you notice that I said Google and not Search engines (plural)? Nofollow attribute is connected to Google, same like Page rank. It does not affect results in, for example, Yahoo, since Yahoo doesn’t have PR.

How can you add nofollow to a link?

All you need to do is add a piece of code to your link HTML:


In a link it would look like this:

<a href="URL" rel="nofollow">

How to add nofollow in WordPress?

WordPress is so popular cause it is easy to work in. Most of the time, you have no idea how your code looks. But to add the nofollow to certain links, you will have to get into the code.

code HTML in wordpress

When you open the HTML tab, you will see your post content with some of the code. Scroll until you find the link you are looking for and add the nofollow attribute.

nofollow in wordpress

Is WordPress dofollow or nofollow?

This is something I have been asking myself too. Some places I read say it is by default nofollow, some that it is not.

What I have seen while using it for these few months is that the post content is by default a dofollow and that the comments are nofollow.

By comments I mean your name that is linking out of the page. You can change that to dofollow using some plugins. I do not use them so I would not vouch for any of those.

When ever I link to a post, I make sure it is a dofollow since I want to recommend it and I vouch for it in Google’s eyes. So if I mention you in a post or you make my Sweet Sunny Saturday bi-weekly best posts round up, you can be sure you are getting a dofollow in-content link.

When and why should you add a nofollow?

I have this rule I follow when it comes to adding nofollow to my links:

  • always nofollow paid links
  • always nofollow affiliate links
  • always nofollow links to those who nofollow theirs, like big social media sites

You should always add nofollow to paid links.

People will argue about this issue but this is something that in my book is not negotiable. Some say that in case you nofollow a paid link, you won’t sell many of those.

Well, here is the real question for you. Are you selling your Page Rank or your advertising space? Advertising space is supposed to bring more traffic to a site paying for it, so why would you give your PR as well?

I have several niche websites with PR and each and every time I sell ad space on them, I make sure that the buyer knows the link will be a nofollow. I also state so in the “Advertise with us” page.

Never sell dofollow links.

If you don’t trust me, here is what Matt Cutts from Google says about paid links.

Always put nofollow on your affiliate links. They are a kind of paid links and you don’t need to dofollow them.

I always add a nofollow when I recommend someone on Twitter (even when I link to my own profile), Facebook or any other social media site.

Why? Because adding dofollow to a link every time I recommend Ingrid on Twitter won’t bring her anything. The attribute of the link (nofollow or dofollow) won’t bring her more followers. All I would be doing is giving more to Twitter. With millions of links going towards it already, I am saving my dofollows for blogs I love. And by the way, they nofollow their links so…

Is it wrong to turn your blog from dofollow to nofollow?

The other day Alex Whalley talked about turning his blog into a nofollow at How to increase pagerank.

Many came down on him and I heard some not so nice comments about it. Well, this is something I really get passionate about. So here is my take on switching your blog to nofollow:

  • Alex has the right to do what ever he wants on his blog and no one should judge him. If the reason is to save and regain the Page Rank, which is the original plan as far as I got it, great. I hope he does.
  • Even if the reason is that he just feels like it, how about not trying to persuade him he is wrong and just let him do it. It is after all, his blog.
  • I understand we are all trying to build links to our blogs. And we like dofollows way better than nofollows. But how about commenting for the sake of commenting? How about not searching for posts with PR 4 to comment on and just comment to tell the author that you appreciated the effort of writing the post. I can’t see anyone being annoyed with Problogger and Copyblogger being nofollows and no-CommentLuv blogs!
  • As far as expectations go, I understand that people who had their dofollow links turned into nofollows don’t like it, but you should always expect things like that. You still have the link. What will happen if Alex decided to cancel the blog all together and you actually lose all the links?

If you get mad at Alex, the first thing that comes to my mind is that you were there only for a link.

There are many dofollow blogs you can comment on but you don’t. Why? Because they are not good enough to attract you to comment on them.

I comment for many reasons and if there is an agenda behind my commenting, it would not be link building. It would be “stealing” the traffic and getting people to click and visit my blog.

But I have no agenda. I just wanna read more and connect with more people.

Post bullseye

I never care about the PR of the blog I comment on, I don’t care if it is a dofollow, I don’t care if it has plugins like Keyword Luv and Comment Luv.

Are you trying to make money with your blog? Yes? Then you need traffic. People that come won’t know or care if your link was a dofollow or a nofollow.

So how about writing better titles and not worrying if the blog is a dofollow, but if it can bring you some traffic.

Every single visitor is something you should care for. If it is all about the money, I can tell you one thing with 100% certainty – you never know who will bring you money!

Bottom line

You know what nofollow is, how, when and why should you use it. You also know my feelings about it.

Here are some questions for you:

  • do you (and when) use nofollow attribute on your blog
  • how do you feel about changing the follow attribute of a blog
  • why do you comment on blogs – just for links or other reasons?


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  1. Hi Brankica

    What a nice surprise. I just published, checked into Twitter and your post had just been published too :-)

    Thanks for the helpful hint about affiliate sites. On topic for me at the moment ;-) And easy to understand explanation for all the newbies who may not know about dofollow/nofollow.

    I comment on blogs that have helpful information and/or are interesting reads. I don’t check if they are dofollow/nofollow but I was advised when I first started blogging to comment on dofollow blogs. I only knew if they were dofollow if they were listed as such. You know me and techie stuff lol

    However, now I have been blogging for some time and know a lot more blogs to visit, that doesn’t come into the equation. And I agree about Alex’s blog. He at least was honest enough to say he was going nofollow!

    Each of us have to decide for our own blog and then we can decide which blogs we will visit and like you say, why we are visiting.

    Patricia Perth Australia

    • Brankica says:

      Thanks for the comment, Patricia and I agree with you.

      When I started writing it, I realized that a big portion of my targeted audience are beginners and remembered that when I first heard about nofollow attribute I had no idea what it was. So I thought it would be useful to start with actually explaining what it is as I am sure not everyone will know.

      Sometimes we just assume everyone knows what we do, and forget that there are people that are brand new here and that need more help and explanations.

      I was also told to comment on dofollows at the beginning but it was sometimes hard to find enough good blogs to comment on. Also, it would not look natural if you only had dofollow links. And the best part is, there are many nofollow links that show up in my back link list. On top of that, can you imagine me not commenting on Lisa Irby’s blog, lol.

      I think I had more visitors come from there than all dofollow links combined.

      I will comment on Alexes blog as long as he writes good content and same goes for every other blog out there.

      • I think we sometimes not only assume everyone knows what we do, but also we think everybody thinks like us or acts like us.

        We think that if we love do follow, everybody will use it, and if we like to comment on every other blog we like, regardless its page rank, or whatever, everybody has the same practice. Sadly, word is diverse and opinions are diverse, and views are unique to each individual. So let’s not judge others, but critique positively their approaches and respect their opinions.

        That’s why I like commenting on blogs, and I do it regardless the link juice or page rank value :)

        P.S. I don’t no-follow aff. links, it takes time to go into each post and change that, so I let them do follow anyway. Do you think Google will slap me? LOL

        • Brankica says:

          Google usually slaps all the blogs that do-followed their affiliate links, I’ve seen it happen a lot of times. Especially if they are in the sidebar or footer, meaning on every single page you have.

          • Have any proof?

          • Brankica says:

            Yes, Codrut. Check blogs that dofollowed their affiliate links. A lot of them have been slapped.

            I am sure if you Googled this issue before asking the question, you would see what I am talking about.

            In the mean time, you can also see what Mat Cutts is saying about this. In almost every video he makes that deals with nofollow, he says to make affiliate links nofollow.

            If you don’t believe him, not sure what to tell you :)

  2. I’m curious how Facebook will treat nofollow when they’ll launch their search engine.

    I personally use nofollow and that’s because I get lots of spam comments (that’s why I have to approve them).

    The main purpose of a blog is to serve the audience with useful content. If that’s done properly – the nofollow in the comments is secondary. That’s why nobody complains about Copyblogger and Problogger being nofollow.
    I could complain that the interaction in their comments is not as human and “alive” as on the new blogs which are now growing (yours included)

    • Brankica says:

      I agree with you. That is why I love “smaller” blogs where people actually communicate with their visitors.

      And I think you actually make a great point. Blog is supposed to provide useful content, help people with their problems. All else is secondary.

  3. Hey Shooter:

    Nicely done. I read Alex’s post and as I always say, my blog, my rules. So kudos to him.

    Also, I do think (not 100%) but I think WP comment no-follow defaults ComLuv. This was th case on my blog so I had to install a no follow free plug in.

    I did a test with SEO toolbar and it highlighted all my no follow links and the ComLuv comments were all highlighted. Once I installed the plug in, they all becam do follow. :)

    Could be a theme issue as well. You use Thesis, so a lot of things may already be handled for you.

    Talk soon,

    • Brankica says:

      Could be… to tell you the truth, half of the time, I have no idea what is what… and most of the times I am trying to fix colliding plugins. Although I did notice that Thesis is handling stuff way better than the previous theme.

      And of course I agree with you – my blog, my house :)

  4. Brankica, aloha. No doubt about the fact that you are passionate on this topic. You know what you believe and state your reasons for it clearly.

    Though Alex and I have only connected in the last month or so, I truly appreciate what he brings to the table with his posts. Thank you for reminding everyone that his blog is his blog and he does not “owe” anyone anything. Blogs/comments are not about entitlement.

    Have you dash so look forward to rereading your post when I return this evening. Until then, aloha. Janet

    • Brankica says:

      Aloha Janet,
      I like to be fair and try to make most of the readers satisfied with what they are getting here. But I felt bad seeing how some people were reacting to his decision, forgetting that he is writing great content and that it is after all his blog.

      I am wondering what will people decide here :) Haven’t seen any opinions yet, on what everyone wants to do here :)

  5. Hey Brankica,

    I never really understood whether nofollow is really nofollow in Google’s eyes. Some sources are saying that the links hold value and are important along with dofollow ones, while other are on the opposite side. I have mixed feelings as well, but tend to believe the latter. That is why I’m using dofollow on my comment links, as a reward of some sort for the commentator. Pretty much every single outbound link, except for those is set to nofollow.

    • Brankica says:

      To tell you the truth, many things confuse me there too. I mean if it is a nofollow how come it shows up in back link lists, right?

      • Nofollow tag attribute was updated along with the Caeffine 2009 update . It is treated a little differently now ,infact a lot differently . Before the update a “rel=nofollow” would mean a dead end to link juice flow , but after the 2009 update , if there is a nofollow then the link juice is actually drained as if it was a dofollow , but the same is not credited to the recipient . I have made a list of such changes in SEO and a lot of common myths which also has an infographic on googles new treatement towards nofollow , you might want to check out :)
        Nice post , I saw it first on SERPD , first thing I did was read it , quite liked it , went back to vote it up before I came back (again) to comment :) There is no other thrill like reading a well researched article !

        • Brankica says:

          Thanks for the vote ;)

          And when it comes to nofollow and this stuff, I don’t really try to go crazy about details. I just nofollow when I feel like it and that is it. I am not after the rankings, I am after the people, lol.

  6. Brankica
    I could almost feel the passion in your words… or is it frustration I sense?
    Great summary of the old dofollow / nofollow argument.

    I learned most of my SEO some years ago (regular visits to SEOMoz – Rand Fishkin’s site) and all the talk back then was of losing link juice with dofollow links. Some of your link juice was given to the site you were linking to.

    Since then I’ve read a few posts on the pros and cons of dofollow but I guess I’m stuck in my ways and since WordPress default setting is…. why bother changing.

    It would be great to see you deliver this post on a video, then we would all get a blast of your passion.

    • Brankica says:

      No frustration, for sure :) I solve frustrations in the offline world, not here, lol.

      But I am kinda tired of all the “OMG, there is a nofollow blog out there, let’s burn it”… I mean come on… I am pretty sure comment links are not as nearly as valuable as in post links so how about working on some great content, instead of telling people what they should do on their own blogs.

      I learned SEO from Site Build It and although it is not 100% same as some things some bloggers try to teach people, I am pretty sure it is accurate. How? Cause I ranked and got PR for a site with almost no links but great on page SEO with great original content.

  7. Yes I’ve been reading much of the fallout from the Google update.

    I have to admit I only care so much about the nofollow links, etc. Although I realize now I should nofollow those affiliate links. Luckily I don’t have that many.

    I specifically installed the dofollow plugin to reward commenters, and the GASP seems to work fine to control spam. I’ve read more than a few of the bigger blogs where they make that dreaded “converting to nofollow” announcement because of spam comments. It sucks but they have to do what they have to do.

    Other than that I just chill, lol. Man I gotta get more proactive on these things!

    • Brankica says:

      Lol, John, you just keep doing the art part and we will keep ya informed :)

      Do you think I should leave my blog as is, dofollow from separate page, or just regular commenting system and nofollow. I do want to reward people who comment, and you know me by now, so I have Comment Luv enabled and often feature people, but no ready to go fully dofollow because of some not so great blogs.

  8. Hi, Brankica. I just noticed today that the commenting system of Joomla, which I am using for my website, is nofollow. I am very saddened by this because this means that I have not been sharing the love given to me by our fellow bloggers. I will have this corrected as soon as I can. Thank you for this article. It opened my eyes.

    - Wes -

    • Brankica says:

      Hey Wes,
      in case you can’t change it, there is always a way to thank the faithful readers, like linking to their posts, or something similar. Thanks for the comment :)

  9. Hey Brankica,

    I’m back!!! :-) Let’s see, you are #66 on my list! 74 more to go, wow!!!

    I love this topic because it’s one worth writing about. I’ve written about it as well and like you, most of my readers are beginners which is why I try to explain things so they are easy to understand. I do this because I was once in their shoes and this stuff was so over my head.

    I mainly started commenting on blogs to get more traffic to my site but once I got into it, I realized that I was really enjoying visiting some blogs and I knew that some of those people had no interest in what I was doing or purchasing anything from me. Sure, I’m here to make money too but I also believe it’s important to build up a following so people will see who you really are as a person and as an entrepreneur! That’s how referrals come in.

    I don’t care about their page rank and I don’t care if they are a nofollow or dofollow blog. I care about the content and the association. I’ve met a few very successful people since doing this and they have sent referrals my way. I think it all pays off in the end.

    Poor Alex, I hate that he’s being beaten up over his decision. But like you said, it’s his blog and he has every right. If you don’t like it, don’t visit anymore bottom line!

    Thanks for the post and I’m off to finish my commenting. Tomorrow will be here before you know it!


    • Brankica says:

      I totally didn’t do anything today, I am in Akismet hell and most of my comments end up in spam. Don’t know why, but I am wondering if I should continue.

      But I probably will since I don’t have anything else to do tomorrow :) and I do want to be fair and do my part of the challenge, lol.

      I could not agree with you more. You can’t fake being genuine and I can see some people doing it. I give up on those and move towards the friendly bunch.

  10. Am I getting beaten up about it? Damn Hippies…. ;)

    Great follow up post – and even greater was the way you engaged a fellow blogger..
    To anyone reading, Brankica Tweeted me and asked what keyphrase I was going for when I wrote that post and gave me the link love accordingly. now THAT is how you do it :) Thanks B!

    OK this is what I know. Andy Bailey says that the commentluv relies on the setting of the individual blog, something confirmed by Lisa from Start a Blog above, but this is the thing- MY commentluv plugin appears to be ignoring my blog settings and is still DO FOLLOW. I am happy with this because you still get the dofollow link out but I am convinced that Google does not place as much value on that link and therefore I am hopting this does not effect my pagerank – not that I honestly care all that much.

    I also have the top commentators widget as a do follow link just for the record, which if anything makes the reasons to comment even stronger because not only do you get to engage with me (rolls eyes) and the community at my blog, you also get recognition AND a do follow link back.

    Yay to me LOL
    Thanks again for the link love Brankica, I am feeling it.

    I still can’t get the song ‘Its my party and Ill cry if I want to’ out of my head though, so thanks for that, thanks a lot ;) A

    • Brankica says:

      Alex, I think you are doing a great job and thanks so much for coming here to comment.

      I also agree about CommentLuv links, I don’t think Google pays too much attention to them. Although I like having them and using them, since a good title can get a lot of clicks.

      I totally support your decision and in last few days I visited a lot of blogs and saw many that give much less than you. I don’t like anyone judging other people choices and like letting people decide for themselves.

      I will visit your blog as long as you write all that content and would still do it if you would cancel commenting all together :)

      This will also be a nice experiment for all of us, seeing what works best for PR :)

  11. Hi Brankica,

    I really like your point where you said “People that come won’t know or care if your link was a dofollow or a nofollow”, it’s very true.

    A geniune visitor only look for good content rather than high PR or backlinks.

    • Brankica says:

      Exactly. People just think about things like that too much.

      If you have great content and easy to use blog, who cares about that, you will get visitors anyway.

      There are so many nofollows out there and if Alex hadn’t mentioned it, I would have never know his blog was a dofollow to start with.

  12. Very comprehensive article and I heard that Google is now balancing between no and dofollow. I hate dofollow and I love natural linking :-)

    • Brankica says:

      I don’t really pay attention to the attribute of links any more. I do however pay attention when I have a new visitor here so I want to tell yo Welcome to my blog :)

  13. I haven’t read Alex’s post, but even without reading it I reckon all those people who had a go at him are morons. It’s his blog and he can do with it what he wills. It’s none of their business and they should just but out.

    As for the dofollow links within the post, all mine are dofollow. I couldn’t be bothered with changing them just to make Google happy. If I don’t like the site I’m linking to, then I won’t link to it. It’s as simple as that.

    • Brankica says:

      There is one question no seems to answer :) Maybe it means no one cares about the links so much as connecting with people (I just hope). You sent me an e-mail about the commenting plugin I am using and I would love to ask you – should I keep it or go back to default WordPress commenting system?

      Thanks Sire, and I agree with you. I mean how could I not, you always give me the nicest compliments :)

      • Sorry Brankica, you know what men are like, they can only concentrate on one thing at a time, I completely forgot about that part of the post.

        To be quite honest I don’t think it is a problem as long as people know what’s going on. Now that I do I think it’s fine. I left the email because I thought some plugin was acting up and I thought you should know about it. Now I know different. Seems like a pretty woman can always teach this old Aussie new tricks. Thanks for that. ;)

        • Brankica says:

          Lol, thanks Sire.
          I am still thinking about what to do with that.

          Although that was really great of you cause I am having plugins drunk party all the time here. And I usually don’t find out straight away. So the help is highly appreciate.

          And the compliment is even more appreciated :)

    • Think I’ll jump in here and add a small tidbit; the reason Google says ‘nofollow’ links is if you dont ‘trust’ them.

      Comments on your blog are ‘approved’ by you, so if you wish to show that ‘approval’ in a way ‘google’ can appreciate then that would be do-follow link.

      Ultimately the choice is the owners and if your not going to comment because they are ‘nofollow’ now then why are you really commenting?

      Think Alex is one of the few (now growing list of) bloggers that I read the post more or less when its published, because his content is good and should be read.

      • Brankica says:

        There is only one thing I don’t agree completely with. You are right that the comments are approved by me, but I get some great related comments from real people who have not so great blogs. I approve the comment but not really the link. Does this make sense?

        • This may be an opportunity to test the “nofollow case by case plugin”, which allows you to set rules to remove the nofollow (after a person has commented n times, if the comment is shorter that n characters) and you can also manually nofollow links to blog you don’t want to endorse :)

          • Brankica says:

            Oh, I am not gonna add to manual things more than I do now :)

            If I don’t endorse the blog, I don’t link to it in the post. The comments are something I like to leave automated, lol.

  14. I could care less if a blog is nofollow or dofollow. My blog is nofollow, but at one point I changed links to dofollow for commentors that left a specified number of comments. I have since disabled and removed that plugin.

    The nofollow/dofollow debate that we see online is ridiculous, I think. Who really cares what the link is – as long as you leave a good constructive comment. If the post is well-written and informative, I’ll leave a comment regardless of the link attributes…or maybe I just like seeing my own name on blogs :) .

    • Brankica says:

      Thanks for the comment, Paul :) I have the same opinion on this like you do. I haven’t even used that plugin, it was the same for everyone all the time. I am always more for getting traffic than only dofollow links so I will comment like crazy on nofollows as well :)

  15. - do you (and when) use nofollow attribute on your blog
    internally (on the “read more” links for example), and on the sharing links (twitter facebook etc…)

    - how do you feel about changing the follow attribute of a blog
    don’t care, IF it’s for valid reasons (which is why, I think, Alex got so many negative comments). I think if PR drop is more to do with the fact that he forgot to nofollow the ads links in the right hand column than because he was dofollowing commenters.

    - why do you comment on blogs – just for links or other reasons?
    it depends. for some it’s to become part of the community of the blog – I can see a clear engagement form the blog author to what I say and he/she often comes and comment on my blog. For others, yes the link is all that I am interested in… although these are getting rarer.

    - YOUR CHOICE – do you want me to remain dofollow with SEO super comments plugin or nofollow linking directly to your blog???
    I think that the first is more beneficial to you / your blog (page count exponentially multiplied – more long tail SE traffic) while the second is more beneficial to people who leave comments on your blog (1 click to the blog… although the commentLuv link appears to be direct).

  16. Brankica says:

    Hey Leo, thanks so much for the comment. I am so happy you shared your opinion here and that you have valid reasons for everything, unlike people deciding on things without researching it first, lol.

    I didn’t pay attention, but if Alex didn’t nofollow his ads, that is usually the main reason for Google drop. They always repeat that you need to nofollow affiliate links.

    I am still thinking about what to do when it comes to comment links and hope to make up my mind soon :)

    • Actually Brankica / Leo A interview in March Mr Cutts said:

      “Eric Enge: If Googlebot sees an affiliate link out there, does it treat that link as an endorsement or an ad?

      Matt Cutts: Typically, we want to handle those sorts of links appropriately. A lot of the time, that means that the link is essentially driving people for money, so we usually would not count those as an endorsement.”


      So essentially the way i’m reading it ‘no endorsement’ = ‘nofollow’ so that doesnt seem to be the reason for PR drop.

      Though one other point I will bring up quickly from what Alex said (if your reading this correct me if im wrong) his actual SE traffic and ranking has remained constant. So his ACTUAL PR doesnt seem to be effected just his TOOLBAR PR.

      Though if im going to nitpick as TBPR is a ‘snapshot’ of past Actual PR a quick look through his analytics /webmaster tools would show a drop in SE traffic/rankings if PR ever did effect that metric.

      In conclusion don’t worry!
      (yes catching up on my reading for the last 10 days!)

      • Brankica says:

        Not sure is I understood what you wanted to say, but affiliate links should be nofollowed, as far as I understand what I am reading for the last few years.

        Cause I am not endorsing them, but they are there for the money. Again, although I do recommend all the affiliate stuff I put on this blog, I still nofollow them because no matter how much I love those products the main reason for them being linked to is money.

        I have read about that “toolbar and actual PR” but I don’t get too much into it for two reasons.

        1. If someone wants to advertise on your blog they will see the toolbar PR as you call it. That is the point they will use to determine if they will advertise or not.

        2. I have heard some bloggers preaching about PR until they didn’t get any. Now they are all about “I have no toolbar PR but I have actual PR”. Justifying something will their virtual beliefs is not something I believe in. How would they know they have actual PR? They are just hoping, guessing and justifying their wrong strategies.

        I ranked too many websites to fall under some things people try to persuade me in (not directed to your comment).

        Bottom line, I prefer traffic over PR any time, and that is what I am having more and more here.

      • Don,
        So essentially the way i’m reading it ‘no endorsement’ = ‘nofollow’ so that doesnt seem to be the reason for PR drop.
        Alex didn’t have these links nofollowed until I pointed them out to him yesterday :)

        And the fact that there wasn’t any other repercussions, like drop in traffic or rankings, might mean that it was just a “automated penalty from the TBPR” for people caught selling links.

        • The way I understand is that a link out that is not no-followed is an endorsement for that site and helps it. As MC says above they automatically (they try) to catch affiliate links and disregard them.

          MC says PR flows out of comments etc if they are dofollow therefore other dofollow links also (assumption) so I would not go against your advice to him I have done it myself.

          MC says to ‘nofollow’ paid links not saying dont sell links, so again yes think its just means PR is hidden for Alex it hasnt been ‘lost’.

          @ Brankica

          to my TBPR vs Actual PR point:

          “By the time you see newer PageRanks in the toolbar, those values have already been incorporated in how we score/rank our search results. So while you may be happy to see that the Google Toolbar shows a little more PageRank for a given page, it’s not as if that causes a change in search results at that point. So you won’t see any search engine result page (SERP) changes as a result of this PageRank export–those changes have been gradually baking in since the last PageRank export.”


          So ‘Actual PR’ is always changing (look at your rankings near weekends its when I see the most progress) while TBPR is a ‘snapshot’ prone to changes / hiding due to ‘penalty’s’.

          A Point in case I have PR0 at mo because I was told I had links on my site that ‘manipulated SE’s’ got a nice email in my google webmaster inbox (after a manual check by G). Though my SE traffic is still going well about 2-3% week to week diff for the past 4-5months. So I know *cough* I have PR just by TBPR was hidden till I no-followed links / adhered to webmaster guidelines till I can see it again.

          • Brankica says:

            Not sure what you tried to tell me, but if I understood well, I don’t confuse PR (any) with Search engine result page changes. Your PR can go down while you climb up the SERP ladder.

  17. Brankica,

    A) To be honest, I’ve never really grasped the meaning of dofollow or nofollow until reading this post. So, thank you on that regard. B) is this my first time commenting over here? If so, shame on me. C) Presently, I am 100% committed to blogging for 2 reasons: 1) Self-education and awareness — blogging is an exercise in introspective thinking for me, but unlike a conscious flow of thought, I have a visual record of my thoughts on my blog & 2) Relationships — plain and simple, not for profit or to maneuver myself for future business deals, but because I want to enrich my experience as a person through those that I build.

    That said, I think my embedded links are dofollow but I don’t really pay much attention to it. I don’t care if my keywords are irrelevant to my niche, and I don’t spend much time obsessing over SEO strategies. Maybe the day comes when I worry over the nuts & bolts of my blog, but for now, I’m content with my ignorance.

    Lastly, Ingrid has commented 17 times this month? No wonder she never sleeps. You best bet that I’ll be back soon to try to chip away at her lead.

    All the best,


  18. Brankica says:

    Yup, your first time here :) Welcome!

    Glad you found some use of this post. I think at the moment, my favorite thing about blogging is meeting great new people and connecting with them.

    Wow, you have some catching up to do if you plan to comment more than Ingrid :)

  19. Strong thought about the never ending topic — dofollow/nofollow. Honestly, I like dofollow but never only stick for only the dofollow for commenting. If you has a good content that make me want to say something, I still comment.

  20. I have been only blogging for about a week now and I’ve tried and tried and tried to understand nofollow and dofollow and I still don’t get it! Maybe I just need to understand all the linking, affiliates, etc. before I will understand this aspect of blogging. I don’t understand what backlinks are either! *Sigh

    • Brankica says:

      Honestly, you should definitely understand this before you get to the more complicated things :)

  21. Brankica,

    I was close to PR-obsession when I was just starting out with my blog. But now I just don’t care. I stopped using the nofollow tag. I don’t care. My blog is a dofollow blog.

    Once I start going after genuine interaction with the websites or blogs I link to, I stopped caring about PR.

    • Brankica says:

      I agree and understand. The only thing that should always be nofollow are affiliate links. But again, if you really don’t care then that is even better :)

  22. No Follow is outdated. Google algorithms are never constant. Even low pagerank blogs can appear in top results. One of my blog, The Muzic World, was having PR0 since 2 years but usually on 1st page of the Google for its contents. Its promoted to PR2 in last update but traffic is still same. It shows that people need to stop thinking about PR and start concentrating on quality

  23. Actually, as opposed to the comment 6 posts back, I finally understand no and do follow. Excellent post and very interesting comments. Thanks.

  24. Hi Brankica, I have tested both no follow and do follow attribute on my sites. My best ranking site was a do follow all the way, in the paid links, in the post content and in the comments as I was using keywordluv and commentluv combined with the “do follow” plugin.

    I read that the only way that KwLuv and CommentLuv are effective is via combining the do follow. The most commented post on this blog was the one that had title” This Site Uses KeywordLuv Enter Your Name”.

    While I did not run the site, was just keeping it as a feeder site for its seo value, I always had commenters, daily coming over and either spamming or really adding their two cents on the story. Some of them where reading my posts.

    Nevertheless, except one time that I had a decrease of my PR from 3 to 2, that I regained in short time without making my site “no follow”, I had no indication of my rankings being hurt or my top page listing for several long tailed keyword phrases.

    I though decided to have the “nofollow” attribute on my new blog for the comments and I am open to link to resourceful posts via offering a do folllow in post mention as a sign of appreciation for their quality content.

    They say that no follow links are useless for seo. I am not sure about that. A no follow link from a good resource is always better than no link I think and as you said other search engines do not count these attributes to evaluate sites.

    There are always ways to reward people who we connect with, without making any comment’s backlink do follow.

    And no follow comments are more sincere. They are from people that actaually are nor doing it only for the link.