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We all know how cool infographics are. I am not sure about the definition of them, but it should be something like “explaining a point using images”.

There are awesome infographics all over the place, made by very creative peeps, with great knowledge of Photoshop :)

I am far from a Photoshop expert but I am posting my first infographic anyway. I wanted to write a funny Twitter addiction post and thought it would be a perfect opportunity for an infographic. So here it is and hope you enjoy it!

twitter addiction infographic

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  1. LOL Brankica that’s very true still with many of my Twitter mad friends. I am far away from this madness and I am happy about it.

    BTW, doesn’t look like your first infographic, may be you should write a simple tutorial of how you made it :)


    • Brankica says:

      Thanks Jane, it really is my first and as much as it was technically hard for me (cause I only know basics of Photoshop) I was more worried about – will I manage to tell the story. Of course with Homer in it, I could not go wrong, lol.

  2. Haha Brankica, well this surely was entertaining!

    I wasn’t expecting this many graphics and if you’re not an ‘expert’ (which I highly doubt) it was superb!

    PS. Does this has anything to do with the fact that my damn twitter was not behaving ANYTHING normal yesterday? j/k No but seriously… it wasn’t working! LOL

    • Brankica says:

      Did you feel like the little girl at the bottom, screaming and crying? LOL. Nope I was done by the time Twitter died, but I am sure there were people feeling like Homer after all that :)

  3. I agree this post. All images are posted in funny way that presenting reality of addiction.

  4. Very funny! I followed Kim Castleberry’s tweet over here and I’m glad I did. Although, I should be writing a post for my own blog. Geesh! Am I a twitter addict? :)

  5. I’m here, I’m here……….I just walked in; I had a finance committee meeting for a non-profit board I sit on this am to approve a $27 mil budget. You would have been proud of me all serious and stuff; but of course I couldn’t be too serious and had them laughing which made the meeting go better.

    I love the monkey and the expression; Wha? are you kidding me, no RT’s?

    I’m the worst about RTing my friends; I just forget to do it half the time and haven’t taken the initiative to set up HootSuite for it so it can be automated.

    I was out of pocket since about last Thurs afternoon. I have 3 people who want me to do a guest post and I have barely taken the time to write for myself. I need to be better organized……….

    I need to ask you about ‘followers’. Lately I have been picking them up on a pretty regular basis. For the most part I don’t know where they came from. I do check them out to make sure they are ‘real’, but my two questions to you are; if they are real do you invite them all in, and are you still actively seeking out people to follow?

    Good morning to you and thanks for calling me out; I needed it…..

    • Brankica says:

      1. I only need like 10% of the sum, so can you approve me for 2.7 mil?

      2. People are getting to know you and start following. I have no clue where they come from either, cause I get new followers, real people, conversationalists but have never seen them before.

      3. I don’t actively seek for followers, stopped doing that months ago. If a new person follows me I don’t say thank you but kinda wait for them to introduce them selves.

      That is what I think everyone should do. Say something like “hey, I found you on your blog, liked your post and hope your tweets are as good as they are”, just something funny to say hi, so I know they are real. Most people that introduce themselves and I see them as people who actually communicate with others, I follow back. But I don’t go actively after them, if all this makes sense.

      The reason is that I get 50 new followers a day, and tomorrow 45 of them are gone. So I don’t want to invest my time in digging out who they are and where are they coming from if they are their just for the follow back (real people or not).

      • I would prefer an intro and reason why you are following too. On a few I get the auto DM welcoming me when I follow back which I don’t dig too much; but that alone won’t make me kick you out.

        I just don’t know what to do w/ them all and I’m guessing I won’t engage w/ most of them. Maybe they get some benefit just because we are connected but you would probably know that.

        Yes, this was quite the creative info-graphic.

        Oh yeah, I forgot to ‘share’ your stuff so I’ll go do that too.

        • Brankica says:

          Bill, in all honesty, they are the ones following you. You don’t know why they are following. So it is up to them to make the step of starting the conversation. It’s just how I see it. So I think you are good.

          I really hate seeing DMs, especially from people I have known for awhile, but forgot to follow them. Once I do, I get the DM “nice to meet you”. I mean, really???

          And recently I got a DM from a blogger that I have known “for ages” that is copied from another blogger that blogged about her DM. How stupid is that???

    • Hey Bill, My strategy regarding followers is to eyeball the list every day and check for people I know and immediately follow them back. (I also send a “Hi tweet” to each person I follow, which Brankica taught me.) Everyone else, I give them a few days to unfollow. I’ve found that waiting just a bit weeds out quite a few spammers and bots. Then, I go through the list again and follow the real people who have Twitter feeds that interest me.

      • I think you are right if you wait a day or two it will weed some of them out. I have reached out to some and say hello and thanks for the follow but got nothing in return; I don’t know if it’s like thanking someone for sending a thank you note, or they didn’t plan on engaging anyway.

        I used to think follow/follow back was a good gauge of something, but at this point I really don’t pay much attention to it and maybe once a wk and I will seek someone out and follow them.

        • Brankica says:

          I tried to engage some people too and they just don’t care. After several attempts I usually give up and even unfollow at times, when I realize their Twitter stream is not “all that”. Guess what, most of those people ended up following me after a while.

  6. Brankica,

    This was an awesome infographic. I am not even a huge Twitter aficionado. But this had me rolling.

    I agree with bill, the picture of the monkey is worth it’s weight in gold. I think I will be seeing the shocked and dumbfounded face all day long. ;)

    • Brankica says:

      Lol, I have too many monkeys in my posts lately (had one on Saturday), but I love them cause they are hilarious. Glad you liked it and yeah, I can’t get that face out of my head for days now!

  7. Hi Brankica

    Way cool with your first infographic. Can’t say I’m surprised as fristly you get my Aussie sense of humour and secondly you are a geek with your techie skills :-) Love it.

    A few months ago I would have said I was there on Twitter for way too long. Now I just hop in and out….and yes I check for the RTs and the DMs then off to work on my project ;-)

    Patricia Perth Australia

    • Brankica says:

      Twitter is pretty addictive and once you start being mentioned often, which happens after using it as we do, and one day there are no mentions, you can definitely have that dumbfounded face :) (I did before, lol)

      • I went thru a little spurt where I was getting some mentions and thought it was kinda cool and then I was essentially off-line especially on the blogging side since last Thurs afternoon and became invisible again. I don’t think I would call it fickle, it’s just reality in this world at certain levels.

        I don’t have the horsepower or credibility as some so I’m known when I’m in front of you but if I miss a few days people aren’t really seeking me out.

        I won’t lie, I like attention but I won’t overtly bring attention to myself if that makes any sense.

        When Gini advised me I needed to have tough skin in here, I don’t know if I’ve done that but I do have a much better feel for how this works and if I see you yuckin’ it up w/ others and not incl me I don’t get all jealous anymore and feel left out. It took me awhile to get there though.

        • Brankica says:

          Lol, Bill, you make me laugh all the time. I actually notice very much when you are not around and always drop in when I see you and Gini chatting :)

  8. LOL, Brankica. This is really very funny and as I was going down the timeline, I was trying to imagine what those 13 minutes of sheer desperation may have been, haha. Refresh, internet connection, API, fail whale, boy, you covered it all and still no mention? Next time that happens, send me a tweet at precisely 09:05:59 and I will make sure you don’t need to restart your computer and wait ages again for it to fully load. This is just great.. more please :)

    • Brankica says:

      Francisco, I am so glad you liked it. I had fun making it and imagining a person doing all this really. I mean I know some that are pretty much doing this, so it isn’t really untrue. I am not that extreme, thanks God, ha ha

  9. Great job on the infographic! You would never know you’re not a Photoshop master until you say something :)

    I was cracking up, though. You definitely told a good story there, and one that many of us are familiar with no doubt.

    I don’t use TweetDeck (anymore), but did I just read somewhere that Twitter just bought them to stave off UberSocial? Or something? can’t find the article I read yesterday. Shoulda Evernoted it!

    • Brankica says:

      Lol, you should have, but yeah, I read it too, it’s all over the internet. Not sure what the monkey will do if they take his Tweetdeck away :(

  10. “My name is Thomas and I am a Twitter Addict” It sounds like my everyday morning. Great post Brankica and very good idea with an infographic post for a change. I just love reading pictures :-)

    Are you really sleeping for 6 hours ;-)

  11. Very cute, clever and all too true.

    I love it, thanks for sharing this little gem.

  12. Brankica, aloha. This is beyond fantastic. It is all superlatives wrapped in laughter and smiles.

    Though I would have visited your blog anyway, I saw so many people tweeting this I thought, “what on earth is going on over at Brankica’s?” Now I see why and I will be sharing.

    Not to worry about mentions–at least for today–because you will have plenty as a result of this.

    Positively brilliant, Brankica.

    Best wishes for a day filled with @mentions, tweets and RTs. Aloha. Janet

    • Brankica says:

      Just to make sure everyone knows – that is not me in the infographic :)

  13. Sandra says:

    This explains a lot for me! The infographics are hysterical…pictures are truly worth a thousand words. To further prove this point, buyers searching for a home on the internet will usually just click right past your listing if there are no pictures or no interior shots (coming from a realtor). Adding another creative dimension to communication is a clever and entertaining way of pulling the reader just a little closer to you! Pure genius.

    • Brankica says:

      Sandra, I completely relate to the no-photos-real-estate :) cause I keep looking at houses in Nicaragua and unless I see a photo, no way I am even gonna look at the listing. Glad you liked this :)

  14. Hey Brankica,

    This is laugh out loud funny. I will not be able to get the crying babies out of mind when I’m checking mine @9:) I was compelled to share it with my wife who also laughed out loud.

  15. Hi Brankica,

    Congratulations on your first infographics and it’s way cool! It’s also hilarious and I totally want to learn how to do this :)

    You are just so creative!!


    • Brankica says:

      Hey Diana, glad you like it and if you know your way around any photo editor, it isn’t that hard. When you decide to make one, you know where to find me :)

  16. LOLLLL this was so great Brankica! I love the monkey picture :) my favorite!

    I think you should definitely do more infographics in the future. And yes I love TweetDeck too :) :) I hate when it’s not working and I have to go to! I need TweetDeck!

    WOW I think you are gonna love my other new site if you like these infographicy things :D You will be the first to know about it! yayyyyy

  17. Brankica,
    This isn’t just humorous, it’s hilarious! Thank you for the belly laugh. I really needed it. It’s 4:00pm in the Midwest and you are my first tweet of the day. Or is it retweet of the day. I guess you can tell I’m not an addict but I can see how easily some can become one.
    To be honest, I’ve been tempted to keep clicking and looking and tweeting all day as fast as I can type and find good content to add to a tweet. I don’t want to keep tweeting my site, that would make my followers drop me like a hot potato.
    I’m just learning more about keywords and your title is a B-I-G hitter. Is that a typical # to look for during keyword searches? (I know that’s a bit off topic, but the first thing I noticed :) )
    Back to tweets, twittering and retweets. I get a little confused with all the appropriate or proper etiquette that I should use. I’m sure I’ve offended some unintentionally. I keep plugging away, working on other projects and trying to figure how to get ‘quality’ traffic to my site. Any advice you could offer in that area would be greatly appreciated.
    Thank you again Brankica, I love your site and will be back.
    The monkey pictures are definitely a keeper, I wouldn’t trade those for anything either :)

    • Brankica says:

      Hey Dakota, so glad you liked it :)

      I know what you mean about the etiquette but don’t worry too much about offending someone as long as it isn’t on purpose. There is no way you can know how someone will react, I learned that a while ago.

      Not completely sure what did you mean about the keyword research part but if you need help or if you can tell me what you mean, I will help :) I really don’t mind getting off the subject if it will help someone. You can also send me an e-mail.

      • Hi Brankica,
        I giggled again! :) I love this! I’ll have to make some of those infographics!
        To answer your question. Keywords – my understanding of – pick words relevant to topic but that get searched.
        So, I typed the words from your title into google keyword search and these are my findings.
        twitter – 20,400,000 (all #’s are local)
        addiction – 1,500,000
        addict – 301,000
        infographic – 33,100
        morning – 5,000,000
        (those are some big numbers)
        vs. twitter addiction – 390
        & twitter addict – 140
        My question: Are those the kinds of numbers that you want individual words or catch phrase within a title to get (in the hundreds of thousands or millions)? This is where I tend to get confused with the keyword search, mainly because I don’t fully understand which I want. Too low of a number and no one but my family are searching me. Too high of a number and I’ve gotten lost in the crowd, so to speak. That is my confusion, how do I know what kind of numbers to look for in order to be satisfied that I may get found on search engines?
        But, you, Brankica chose words that get BIG numbers. Was that on purpose, having the knowledge you have to build your business, I assumed it was on purpose. So I am tempted to follow suite?!?
        Thank you for your time, wow, you have a lot of comments to respond to. I appreciate you helping me understand this.

        • Brankica says:

          Hey Dakota, thanks for explaining and here is the keyword stuff in this case.

          I generally don’t do SEO every single time on this blog since I am not trying to get this blog to become my main business, it is more of a way to help others with stuff I learned along the way of building successful money making niche sites and some other related things.

          The word I would target in this post would be twitter addiction, but the post isn’t really optimized, I just picked any word that had any traffic volume that would fit with the infographic. Anyway, in this case it would be twitter addiciton with 880 searches in USA.

          I don’t really use Google Keyword tools as I don’t think it is completely accurate and I mostly use my SBI tools (Site Build It review – They give me the most accurate numbers.

          If I was using Google tools, my estimate is that I would never use keywords that have more than about 50.000 monthly searches because it would be really hard to rank for them. I never use a single word keyword. In case I am targeting a keyword, I use at least 2 word keywords and a lot of time even 4 word keywords, they are simpler to rank for and once they do, they kinda “pull up” the rankings for the harder to rank words.

          Does this answer the question?

          • Yes Brankica that does answer my question.
            This clarifies some issues for me.
            Very helpful information as well.
            I appreciate the response. You are a superstar! :)
            Have a great week!

  18. This is just too funny Brankica! If you put a Pepsi Max in the hand of that first green character, that would be me for sure. I was especially crazy yesterday when I couldn’t see some of my Twitter feeds in Hootsuite…must have clicked refresh a billion times before they came back!

  19. Hey Brankica,

    I tried to make you go to rehab but you said No … No … No! But this infographic “confession” is sure a step in the right direction. Whenever you want to talk about TAA (Twitter Addicts Anonymous) pls let me know :) :)

    This may be funny but it is sooo true for a lot of people. All these numbers and social proof are sure driving a lot of people crazy.

    Nice one as usual.

    • Brankica says:

      Lol, Maky, you crack me up! You know I find it funny even though I made it, I look at the monkey and start laughing like crazy.

  20. LOL its funny cause its all true. I go through many of the things you go through as well :)

  21. Hi Brankica,

    Your Twitter addiction infographic is awesome. I bet a lot of people feel like the person your describing. I’m not one of them, at least not yet :)

    I’m using my iPhone for twitter most of the time. And I check Twitter way too often, at places where I shouldn’t be tweeting (according to my wife) :)


  22. Haha, I can’t help laughing while I watch your infographic. Brilliant! It’s not only for Twitter, but also for email and statistic (in my case).

  23. This was your first? It was awesome!!!

    Definitely had me giggling like a little school girl. Maybe it was the monkey :)

    And I know that A LOT of people know have felt exactly what you are describing here.

    Well done!

    • Brankica says:

      Yeah, it is the first :) If I can think of more ideas, I will make sure to post more monkeys here. I will be knows as the monkey blog :)

  24. Always put homer in a post, and you got my attention. LOL.

  25. Hi Brankica,

    This was ROFL funny! I’m not a twitter addict (is this the denial stage?) but I do use Tweetdeck, and open it up, close it down, open it up …

    It never occurred to me that followers should introduce themselves first. I don’t think about it. I have introduced myself to someone by way of commenting on their blog, though. Great graphics! :)

    • Brankica says:

      Hey Vernessa, I hope you are not in denial stage cause it looks like I am, trying to explain that the person in the infographic is NOT me ;)

      It is an interesting issue as to should you introduce yourself, which of course you don’t need to do if you are already introduced through a blog.

      But there are situations when people follow you and you don’t know who that is so you don’t follow back. Then they call you “full of yourself” or what ever cause you didn’t follow back. Like you are supposed to know everyone. Those followers should introduce themselves if they want you to pay attention.

  26. Very funny and cool infographic, Brankica. It made my Saturday. :) I am not much of a Twitter addict but I do check RTs and mentions as well. So, I understand how you felt when you saw absolutely nothing.

  27. Hi Brankica,
    Oh wow I just love this info-graphic! I think the Monkey and I have a striking resemblance… Thankfully I’m over it, except the red hair of course!
    Found you via sweetsfoods and glad I did!

    Thanks for the Friday fun.
    Have a superb weekend!

  28. Jonha says:

    Haha, Brankica this is high-larious. I keep repeating to myself it is spelled as hilarious but oh well, I think it’s funny and something we could all relate to. Definitely worth sharing!

  29. LMAO!

    That’s so hilarious!

    Thanks for that, what a wonderful way to start my Sunday, even if I did get no mentions since 3am (yesI really was up until 3am LOL)

    • Brankica says:

      Lol, I will have to do an update and remove the green creature and put your image in pajamas (sending an e-mail to your wife to ask about the pic as I type this: “Please, send me a pic of swamp ass in pajamas”) LOL

  30. Hilarious org chart of your Twitter addiction, I do a lot of automation on Twitter, as I am busy with 8 hours of conference calls per day. I automate my Twitter poetry calls, but all my thank you’s are real.

    I never shut my computers down, they run 24x7x365 unless a power outage occurs or patch/reboot which upsets me every time. I also get frustrated with slow loading pages, sites and Tweetdeck crashes.

    • Brankica says:

      Nope, not MY addiction. Why did everyone assume it is me, I don’t even use Hootsuite or ever restart my computer :)

  31. Well I’ve never had a meltdown over lack of Twitter mentions but this graphic is a down right riot! I almost fell off my chair after laughing so hard :D . I do admit though, that I am quite the obsessive page refresher. Its a habit I just can’t break out of.

  32. Really nice. Almost going on some of my friends life…

  33. This is the best post ever!!! I don’t have to tell you how much I laughed while reading this. Awesome!

  34. This is so funny – you really did this well.

  35. This is a different kind of Twitter addiction Brankica, or at least different from mine. Still very funny but alas, I don’t get that depressed or obsessed with my overnight mentions.. I’ll allow my friends a little sleep. It’s during the day, when there’s some heavy tweeting from me and I think I’ve done some clever quips and pithy RTs.. those times when I hear crickets and think, “folks are missing out, that was funny.” Oh well, guess maybe folks are allowed to miss them – or am I allowed to recycle my own tweets? Hmm.. ;-) FWIW.

  36. Hi, Brankica.

    Cool and funny infographic! Love the shocked expression on that monkey’s face. :) Reading this was a hoot as well, because you made my 2-year old baby girl giggle and cry in the span of like 2 minutes. She loved the monkey and Homer, but she couldn’t stand to see babies crying, so she cried as well. She might just become an actress when she grows up. Either that or a ballerina, because she almost always walk on her tippy-toes and twirls like a dervish more than ten times every day.

    Anyway, a really huge KUDOS for your first attempt at infographics. Doesn’t look like it at all. My brood and I loved it. :)

    Oh, by the way, I am not much of a Twitter addict YET. But, I may be getting there. :)

  37. Hey,

    Totally in love with the images! I did a post recently about what I learnt when I was not in touch with Facebook for 15 days.

    Though twitter hasn’t got to my addiction list yet, I am thinking it will soon. And going by what you show here; you could do a case study on me a few months later!

    Enjoyed it to bits! :)

  38. The images are really very funny. The kids just melted my heart and Homer brought back so many memories, I still like watching Simpsons :) I’m more a facebook person but this work of yours is an inspiration to experiment with Twitter. You always have something new to offer, great job!

    • Brankica says:

      Glad you like it, I think if you replace the bird with a big blue F, it is the same thing with Facebook, lol.

  39. Why no. That sounds like noone I know of. Nope.

    *clicks Shift+F5*
    *clicks Shift+F5*
    *clicks Shift+F5*
    *clicks Shift+F5*
    *clicks Shift+F5*
    *clicks Shift+F5*

    Oh bother.

  40. This is a riot! Not that I relate to it…not a bit!

    Okay, maybe just a bit. ;-)

    Thanks for sharing!

  41. Cheryl says:

    So funny and I so relate!

    new twitter addict


  42. I have not laughed this much in a long time. Your post is very entertaining Brankica! You are a real writer/entertainer to come up with something like this. “3 new followers and no mentions or RT’s!?” Sounds like me LOL!

    Thanks for my daily dose of laughter :)