Do You Have What it Takes to Make Money Online?


When you start looking into the possibility of making money online, you’ll no doubt come across hundreds of tips, articles, tutorials and entire websites dedicated to teaching you the ropes. What many of these resources fail to do, however, is to address a very basic question. Do you personally have what it takes to succeed in this environment? Determining Your Personality In theory, the … [Read more...]

My New Project – Anti-Blogging-Logic

Fit Chick Café

I started a new project yesterday. It kinda happened spontaneously. I wanted to write about it a long time ago. I already had a site on the same topic. I am a  trainer. I am fit as I've ever been and I know a lot of my friends need motivation and help. So I started the Fit Chick Café. Let's see how it all happened and what is to become of it... Old fitness site(s) I already had a … [Read more...]

Mind Blowing New BB2 from Site Build It!


I've been using and recommending Site Build It! for as long as I can remember and the main reason is that building a successful business was always easy with them. Heck, I built my first site with them before even knowing what HTML was. However, there have been many discussions over what is better - a website or a blog. And a lot of people argued that Wordpress blogs look better because of … [Read more...]

Brand your blog and yourself

Everyone knows how important branding is and we recognize Coca Cola, Mercedes or Apple in a split second. Brand is basically an identity that can take different forms like logos, names, colors or slogans. But not only that. It is more than just the visual identity. It is the way you present yourself. But how about your brand and branding your blog? Have you thought about that? Are you branding … [Read more...]

Three Videos Not To Miss While Building Successful Blogs

Hey guys, I posted my new intro video on the Facebook page yesterday (it was a premiere there to say thanks for all those who like the page) and it gave me an idea for this post. Let me know what you think about it first :) And now, I want to show you three videos that you should not miss before you proceed with building your business. Creating a WordPress Child Theme If you are doing … [Read more...]

Guest Posting Is Not Just About You

I have written before about lousy ways to contact a blogger when submitting a guest post. But there is another thing that pokes me in the eye with a lot of guest bloggers. Every time someone submits a guest post for consideration here (except for people I invited to guest post), I get pretty much the same message with the post "Let me know when is the post going to be published and I will need 2 … [Read more...]

How to Blow a Chance To Score a Guest Post

Like I said in the previous post about bad ways to network, this week is reserved for fixing some of the beginner blogging mistakes. Today, I need to remind you of a few major things you should NOT do, if you want to guest post on a blog. Any blog. And this is only a few notes from my experience. What not to do when you want to score a guest post Here are just three examples of things not to … [Read more...]

How NOT to Win a Blogging Contest and Connect With People

This week I have two related posts for you. Both are revolving around the same subject and that is what NOT to do while trying to make it as a blogger. I was reading a post on a blog and wanted to vote for it on Blog Engage. I click the voting button and, as you know, get BE to open in another tab. So I voted for the post and all in all, it took about 10 seconds to do it. And there I see a chat … [Read more...]

3 Reasons I Sometimes Skip Commenting on Your Blog

How often are you commenting on blogs? I took a little break last few weeks, because I was too busy, but I am back to blog hopping as much as I can. So I noticed stuff that I don't really like. And I want to make just a few observations and see what you think about it. Commenting systems Most bloggers don't recommend using commenting systems like Disqus and Livefyre. People need to register for … [Read more...]

The War Of Art – Three Lessons For Beginner Bloggers

You may not have heard of “The War Of Art.”  If you haven’t, let me tell you about it. It’s written by a novelist called Steven Pressfield.  Pressfield has written several books – mostly "historical" fiction.  All of them are good. A couple of them go way beyond good into the realms of the fabulous (that’s a subjective opinion of course, and for the record I’m talking about … [Read more...]