5 Easy Ways to Get Targeted Traffic to Your Website


targeted traffic websiteEveryone in the online industry requires traffic in order to survive and profit.

Lately, most people turn to search engine optimization in order to increase their traffic and get some quality leads.

But search engine optimization can be time consuming and sometimes results are very hard to come by.

Although SEO is necessary and is the best way to go about it, there are tons of different ways to get immediate traffic to your website until organic traffic kicks in.


For any company that owns a website, or for any webmaster owning an ecommerce store or a service website, blogging is the key to traffic as well as link baiting and keyword targeting.

Blogging shouldn’t be missed if you are in the online industry. Blogging will give any website the opportunity to present itself to immediate audience, not to mention the fact that blog posts can become viral and attract many links. But for immediate purposes they are far better and faster at attaining targeted traffic.


Most people think that forums are dying. Well, this is not true. The fact is that forums were ones social networks we used to hang at, now, forums are mostly niche specific and are visited only by highly interested parties.

So in other words, forums are a great place to promote yourself and your website and come off as a specialist in your niche and get that targeted traffic and those topic hungry visitors.

Social sites

Of course we mentioned social media sites and social networks. From the moment they were created, they were one of the best ways to get immediate traffic. But in order to get that traffic you need to participate in the community.

Surround yourself with people from your niche and communicate with them on a regular basis, in return your word will get out and as soon as you publish something new, people will know and they will spread it around.

Press releases

Although press releases are not good for creating links, they are still one of the best ways to create a hot buzz and get some hot and targeted traffic.

In order to use the press releases the right way, you need to have something newsworthy to offer, so that often intertwines with link bait and new services or products that people will want to know about.

You can also use the other side of news, and that is to post hot news on your own blog or website. The best course of action is to create a news section on your website and regularly post news regarding your niche and your topic. That can be a great way to get some traffic as well as links.


Of course you can use others to get immediate traffic. Two ways to go about it, one is guest blogging and using the power of other people’s influence in your niche to get some decent and highly targeted traffic and the other way is to pay for product or service reviews.

Review Me is a great place to get some high quality reviews. Of course you can start a contest for the best review and offer a prize and create it into a media event that will get even more traffic and more attention.

You can get plenty of highly targeted traffic to your website just from these few tips, and with some creativity you can create a landslide of traffic without search engines.

But the greatest benefit of the above presented ideas is that all of them will help you with search engine optimization and link building and add to your organic traffic.

Zarko Zivkovic works as SEO strategist and link builder. He is the founder of Practical SEO as well as the chief editor and writer for Practical SEO Blog. You can connect with him on Twitter.

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  1. Hi Zarko

    Brankica always has a surprise for us every post. Nice to see you here and what great tips you give us. I have read so much about SEO lately and some of it has been somewhat confusing!

    However, you have given an easy to understand and more importantly, do-able way to get targeted traffic to our blogs. I have noted all your suggestions and the ones that have got me the most traffic so far have been blog commenting and social media plus publishing content regularly.

    Thanks for sharing with us Zarco. Appreciated. And now to go check out your site and see what else I can learn from you.

    Patricia Perth Australia

  2. Zarko says:

    Hi Patricia,

    well the thing is that there are plenty of bloggers writing about SEO without doing SEO themselves, and they tend to make it confusing for the rest of us. How can someone write and teach about something that he has never done, possible, but very hard.

    That is why I try to provide useful tips from first hand experience as an SEO strategist and I’m really glad that my first post here on Brankica’s blog started off with positive feedback :)

  3. I spent years reading and hearing people talking about press releases as a good website traffic source. I only took action this year in January. I was shocked to find out what I missed for years.Blogging,Reviews,Social sites,Forums are well used by many marketers but press releases is not that much. From my experience since January press releases is not as difficult as I once thought and it’s more effective than article marketing nowadays.

    • Zarko says:

      Yes, press releases can bring immediate traffic, but unlike articles you need to have a good story to pitch if you want maximum exposure, in other words if you want real journalist to syndicate your news article. On the other hand article marketing can be done without any news, each has it’s benefits :)

  4. Reviews are great because people search for stuff like that before they take that leap on buying a product or service..

    “Black Seo Guy “Signing Off”

    • Zarko says:

      reviews are even better now as they directly influence the SERP, so we need to watch out for users, in other words, spammy sites that offer low quality products will be dying slowly, I hope…

  5. Forum is a solid medium to attract people on your site. You can impress them by your knowledge or services. You usually get the people on forum with same interest which you actually offering.

  6. Reviews are really great way to attract interested visitors on your site. You can easily impress them with your positive reviews and people too like to buy product or service with positive review.

  7. Fala care na ovom artiklu. Vrlo imformativno i korisno. Reci Brankici da sam reko “Miki, kako si?” :-)

    • Brankica says:

      A sta ti to znaci? Otkud sam sad ispala Miki????

      • Ama to ti je is jednog starog filma…mozda si ti premlada da se sjetis :-)

        • Brankica says:

          Kazi kog, mozda sam gledala :)

          • Hey, hey, no insider commenting allowed! I demand a translation! j/k ;)

          • Zarko says:

            @Marlee, you see how rude they can get :) Strasno, postujete svasta nesto, i to ne vezano za clanak… ccc :) Nema na cemu Dino, treba da zahvalis Brankici sto mi je dozvolila da postujem na njenom blogu!

            @Marlee again, honestly, I can’t stress out how rude they are :)

          • LOL! That was good Zarko. ;)

          • Brankica says:

            Ha ha ha….a ti kao znas koji je film?

          • Zarko says:

            Thanks Marlee :)

            Brankice, nemam pojma o kom filmu je rec… :( ali sad imam strasnu zelju da saznam… Dino pomazi…

          • Ne sjecam se imana filma ali je u pjesmi http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Fqakc3uUnfg

            Slusaj refren.

            Dovoljno je da me vidi
            da mi kaze Miki, kako si
            i vec se osjecam bolje
            odmah je na cesti pozelim

          • Zarko says:

            Znao sam da si bezobrazan :) ne znam koji je film u pitanju, ali pesma je zakon :)

          • Brankica says:

            Ja pojma nemam koji je film a muzika nije po mom ukusu, ha ha ha… Ja sam ti ova generacija sto voli Karleusu!!!

            @Marlee, so sorry, it’s the boys, you don’t want to know what they are saying, LOL

          • Mislim da se film zove Sretno Dijete a snimljen je negdje u ranim 2000-tim. Super pjesma, klasicna Azra.

  8. Hi Zarko
    You are very right. It can’t be very hard to build traffic from Search Engines alone if you are a new blogger. It takes time before you will receive massive traffic from Search Engines. I am blogging, using forums and Social Media in addition to my SEO work to create traffic for my blog. Another great way to get people to visit your blog is to comment on other blogs in your niche to receive some backlinks.

    • Zarko says:

      yeah, there are tons of different ways that can help us get immediate traffic, and the best part is that 99% of them will also help us in our SEO efforts if done the right way :)

  9. Hey Zarko,

    Really great tips you shared. Learning SEO is time consuming and then it takes time to actually start seeing results as well. But we all know that putting all our eggs in just one basket is not the best laid plan.

    You’ve given plenty of other sources where this can be very helpful. I was kind of shocked to check my stats recently and I learned that I’m getting more traffic from Facebook than I am from Twitter. Floored me so just by sharing my blog posts on my page I’m seeing an increase in my traffic. I love that when that happens.

    I STILL haven’t written a press release, shame on me. And I’m not active in any forums so those are two areas that I’ve fallen down on the job with. I keep telling myself but I’ve yet to implement it. Okay, great reminder so thank you for that…

    Appreciate you guest posting for Ms. Brankica here. I never know what to expect when I visit but I always know it will be good.

    Adrienne :-)

  10. Zarko says:

    Thanks for the compliments Adrienne, my advice is the same as yours, don’t put all of your eggs in one basket. Diversify your blogging habits and your link building profile and you will see a constant increase in traffic and ranks. Blogging is fun and is about our passions, but in most ways it is like a real job, and it will be successful only as much as we put effort into it…

  11. Hi Zarko,
    I must disagree with this statement “Lately, most people turn to search engine optimization in order to increase their traffic and get some quality leads.” because I think it’s just bloggers who start talking about seo but other business already focused on it for several years and now is the debate whether or not they will move to focus on social media (but for me, it’s best to focus on both) and blog is one among other strategies/tools that we use for our seo work. ;)

    Totally agree about press releases.

    Thank you for sharing the “Review Me”, they are interesting, I will have to try.

    • Zarko says:

      Hi Rose,

      yes, you may think that companies started using SEO a long time ago, but you would be wrong, maybe big companies, but medium sized and small companies are way behind in that field. I guess they get by ok in the offline world and have no clue about the online world and how to make money and promote their business that way, from experience and without naming companies and clients, I can tell you that most companies that do opt for SEO do so from who knows what reason and only pay for it, but they are not that interested in it nor are they willing to cooperate too much…

      So I can again say for sure, that bloggers are the ones that are actually knowledgeable about SEO and are using it way more than companies, but I can see how that sounds strange, but hey, I have been working in this field for a long time and I have seen my share of amazing and unbelievable things :)

  12. Nice post here. Here’s the simple truth of anything in life: Whatever we focus on the most will grow.

    Our interests should encompass many different avenues for traffic, but the truth of what is really working is found in reviewing our traffic statistics.

    Once we see what is bringing in the largest amount of “targeted” traffic, I believe that’s where the greatest focus should be.

    My Top Traffic Sources are:
    1) Search Engines
    2) Ezine Articles
    3) Youtube

    Once good SEO is in place, getting thousands of visitors per day is effortless . You only have to prim the pump periodically to keep the traffic streams pouring in.

    • Zarko says:

      Nicely said Jordy, that is what it is all about, once you get yourself in place, but getting there may be a problem for most of web owners…

  13. Keith says:

    Modern SEO forces us to start inventing ways to bring traffic, which is not necessarily a bad thing. But it is good to know that some of old ways still work (and if you implement some creativity, it turns to a success).
    White SEO tactics can get you traffic, but only if you are ready to invest some work, which, I would say, is a fair trade.

    • Hi Keith,

      we all agree, it is a fair trade, after all, we get out of it the same as we put into it :)

      On that note…kako napreduje posao? :)

  14. Hey Zarko,
    I’ve read a lot of articles on SEO and yes! I’ve even noticed that a couple of techniques like blogging, forums and social media are giving tremendous results but some techniques I never understood and I wonder whether I have to be a geek to use SEO effectively :)
    I’m glad that I just read an article written by someone who’ve actually experimented with the techniques.

  15. Zarko says:

    Hi Mel,

    no, there is no need for you to be a tech geek in order to do SEO effectively, yes that knowledge may give you an edge to be better than the others, but even without it with hard work and implementation of few simple SEO routines you can achieve great things with your websites.

    Just keep reading and keep trying, theory by itself is one thing and I may do things differently than others, it is best that you try and see what works for your websites best!

  16. Hi Zarko
    Good post that also triggered some enlightening comments. I like learning alternatives to SEO for increasing traffic. I hate putting ALL my effort into one strategy (SEO) that I don’t fully understand.

    • Hi Riley, come share with us some of the alternative efforts that you’ve found. I’d really be interested. So far I have not focused on any SEO with mlsm, I have done some research, but not acted on it : (

  17. That is a good strategy on it’s own Riley, diversify, diversify, diversify, 3 golden rules of internet marketing according to my book :)

  18. Excellent! Simple narration yet very realistic and highly applicable. To sum it all will end up having the Best SEO and SMO in traffic generation. Good job!

  19. The great thing about all the things you mentioned here, Zarko, is that when done altogether, they actually make up an overall cohesive marketing strategy. I admit I haven’t done reviews and press releases yet. But, I will get there in time. It has not been long since I started blog commenting and I am still now trying to learn all I can from the people in the community. For now, I will focus on what I am doing and maybe spread my wings further later on when I am ready. But, thanks, mate, this is one great piece!

    A big thanks also goes to Brankica for having you here. Kudos, Brankica!

  20. Zarko says:

    Thanks Kira :)

    @Wes, yes, put together they can make a pretty decent strategy. But you are right with your approach, when new keep to the things you know and slowly go for new things, that will give you time to adjust and learn how to do them the right way. rushing in will most likely just complicate things, and that is what most new bloggers and web owners actually do and they end up regretting it or simply wasting their time.

    Everything we do, online, offline, it doesn’t matter, it should be done the right way or no way at all, the results will show which was the right way in the end…

  21. Hey Zarko, can I ask a question. I have struggled to discovered good forums, other than digital point and warrior. What other forums are you active on, which ones do you think are great traffic driving resources, as well a learning resources? Thanks for this great post, and in advance for your advice


    oh yeah…we require full translation of the “insider convo” with accompanying glossary of key terms. A pdf will do, lol

  22. Zarko says:

    Hi Stacey,

    well, Warrior and Digital point are great places to be, I love Warrior forums, and personally I use only 2 more as things can be overwhelming, but if you are looking for good resources here are a few places to learn from, especially if you wish to learn a thing or two about technical aspects of SEO and link building:

    http://forums.searchenginewatch.com/ and

    Hope this helps

    • Wow…that more than helped and no doubt will be a really useful to other readers here. I understand what you say about keeping it simple to avoid overwhelm, but it’s great to know what your options are. Thanks a million for this Zarko…where does Brankica find all these awesome folks : )

      • Zarko says:

        Hehe, glad it helped and yes, I hope it helps others :)

        And I think that Brankica looks for us in one little tiny country called Serbia :)

  23. From my internet marketing and entrepreneur experience I can make a conclusion that the best methods of attracting targeted traffic to a website are the following: organic SEO, Pay-per-Click advertising, Social Media, commenting topic-related blogs and forum posting!

    • Zarko says:

      You are right Terje, but you actually described almost every way of traffic generation there is. There are many sides to SEO and Social Media. SEO requires on page optimization, link building… and link building on its own has dozens of ways, of which one you mentioned. this is a simple breakdown of easy to use methods that can bring some immediate traffic :)

  24. Justine says:

    Great advice Zarko! I’ve done most of your tips but I haven’t tried getting traffic through reviews. I’ve already visited Review Me and I liked its features, I think I would give it a shot. I guess these five ways to get traffic to my site is more than enough. Thanks for sharing!

    • You know how they say, every bit helps, so who knows, one opportunity can open many doors, but you won’t know until you try it :)

  25. Hey Zarko, I strongly agree with you with your first point, Blogging! There’s a lot of ways to drive targeted traffic to your website but not all the methods can bring you targeted with quality traffic. With blogging, you can easily build a brand for your name or website, you can show your expertise on your blog to drive more audience or even more followers who want to learn from you.

    When it comes to SEO, blogging can be actually ranking well and easier than a web based website, you update your blog regularly and this is what Google wants, quality and consistent content.

    Great post Zarko!


  26. Great post Zarco! I agree it is very important to find methods outside of SEO for generating traffic. I would have to say that blogging and social media are the top two, but the other methods you mention seem very interesting.

  27. I was signed up with ReviewMe a long time, they work better for blogs that have a decent established PageRank. For baby blogs you will find many more paid opps with PayU2Blog which will give you assignments that you must include in your articles, I know many bloggers using this system for an easy $100+ per month. I used to use it myself before they banned me for using other services like IZEA on the same blogs.

    IZEA is great (SocialSpark) but you really have to have the traffic first to really take advantage of the system, you don’t need much and if you are in a broad niche you can get 4-10 $10-$15 opps per month with only 2500-5000 visits per month on your blog. Mommy blogs, food blogs, personal blogs in general can do well here.

  28. I’ve never tried distributing press releases to drive traffic to my websites, but I like what you said about using the flip side of “news” to try to break an exclusive story on your own site. In areas such as blogging and social media, the little fish are often better informed than the mainstream media, and can definitely explain certain things a lot better!

  29. Hey Zargo,

    Out of those 5, I love press release. Not only you can get direct traffic from the press release sites, but you can have SEO advantage in the long run with anchored backlinks pointing to your site. Of course, this is valid only for those PR sites that allowed anchored backlink.

    Besides, PR generally get syndicated (if listed on Google News) by other news agency so this will magnify the backlink effect and direct traffic :)