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Rosalind Gardner

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On 10/28/2012
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Must have for anyone trying to make money with affiliate marketing.

Starting a blog is sometimes scary to even think about, but starting a blog to make money from it really freaks some people out.

Why is that the case? Because they usually start the blog having no idea how are they going to make money.

Most turn to affiliate marketing, which is one of the things I do and honestly love doing. I just love recommending things I like to use and telling you about those I don’t.

But affiliate marketing, as much as some people try to make it sound easy, isn’t easy.

If you want to do it right, you need to be using the product you are recommending or at least spend some time trying it out. You can’t recommend something just because it has a good payout, because it is your reputation on line.

And all this ties together with the book I am reviewing today – what I just told you, I learned from the book, and I am recommending the book because it is one of the best investments I made since I started working online.

The 101

The book starts by explaining what affiliate marketing is and what type offers you can be an affiliate for. Then, you learn what is the process of building your business around your affiliate marketing programs.

As someone who is really bad at making time productive, I like the next section of the book, where R. Gardner lists the tools you will need as an affiliate marketer and how will you be using them.

One of my favorites is organizing your website and affiliate data, since you can lose yourself in all of it, especially if you have several websites and are a part of many affiliate programs.

Where to start

R. Gardner doesn’t sell you fluff in this book. After going through sections that will introduce you to affiliate marketing in general and show you how to organize yourself – she gives you a list of ideas for your new site. The list is made out of many topics that are profitable at any point of time!

Want to get into a niche but you aren’t really an expert? No worries there because she shows you a “trick” a guy used to become an instant “expert”. Nothing illegal! Just a great tip to get you going.

How to research

OK, this is one of the things many bloggers skipped when they created their blogs. They didn’t research the market, didn’t do any keyword research and now they are struggling with getting traffic and monetizing their blogs.

Again, one of the topic covered in this guide.

And it isn’t just general talk you can read on blogs every day, it is a detailed list of tested and tried strategies, from researching profitability by researching advertisers to researching trends (along with the list of resources to help you do it).

This section ends with a list of evergreen niches that will always be making money.

How to create a site

Here is where this book stands out. You can find guides on doing research. Guides on setting up sites. Guides on choosing affiliate programs. But this is all of that, and more, in one book!

This guide, explains in details the whole process from choosing a domain name to setting the site up and using it!

You will also get a nice list of important things to know about dos and don’ts of web design.

Creating content

Let’s move on to the next section, how to create a content, should you hire someone to do it, if you do, how to do it and so on. She also lists pages you need on your site with examples on how to create them.

It gets interesting here

Just getting to this point of the book will fill your head with ideas and lists upon lists of to dos. Or at least that is what happened to me.

See, I’ve been doing affiliate marketing for a long time, but this book was not only an amazing reminder of what to pay attention to, but it also showed me how much I didn’t know about it and how much I missed along the way. I really could have made 5 times more money with what I was doing if I had read it earlier.

But let me get back to trying to present everything you can learn from this great guide.

We go onto keyword research, organizing your blog with keywords you picked and SEOing your posts. She doesn’t get into deep SEO strategies, which makes it great, because with all the new Google updates, you only want to do basic optimization and leave it at that.

Monetizing the site

We are finally at the moolah part of the book :) You get a list of advertisers you may want to try out with description of each to make it easier to choose.

Then a list of affiliate networks you will want to join, along with 20 questions to ask before you join a network (to determine if it is worth it).

This is one of the things I picked up from this guide. Thanks to it, I finally got over my “I am not joining Commission Junction cause I don’t like it” attitude and joined it. Then I used the tips explained in the book and joined a handful of good programs and started promoting them. Guess what – I made a nice amount of money from it. This book paid itself many times so far :)

make more money online

31 ways to market your site

Oh yes, a very detailed list of traffic generation ideas with description for each and tips on how to get the most out of them. And a shorter list of thing you don’t want to be wasting time on.

Managing your site

Again one section I paid more attention to because I wasn’t really doing a great job. Managing your site on daily, weekly and monthly basis is a lot of work, and unless you know how to do it, you will not know what is bringing results and what isn’t. So you may waste months on promoting programs that are not bringing you any money!

Don’t do that, start implementing the tips from the book right away.

Affiliate problems

This is one part of the book I really liked because I haven’t seen much content on the topic and it was very informative. Some of the topics covered are refusals, being dropped from programs, how to increase your income by re-negotiating terms and so on.

But it doesn’t only cover problems between you as an affiliate and the company you are promoting. She covers problems between you and those stealing your content and commissions. Tips on how to prevent and fix it are included.

Why am I recommending this book?

First reason is that I learned so much from it and it helped me increase my income. Second is that it is coming from a proven marketer that is making hundreds of thousands of dollars for years and she gives you all the details on how you can do the same.

Because you can.

The problem is that people get all the info they need to make a fortune and – they don’t put it to use. Click to tweet this.

I have to admit, I didn’t put more than 30% of this guide’s tips to use, but it still made my checks fatter :)

You see, if you are a subscriber to my newsletter, you probably received an email telling you about this book, because this is one of those products I would recommend to my own sister (and I did, and made her purchase it!). But I figured, if you don’t know me, there is a big possibility you think I am recommending it just for the money.

For those who do know me and how I recommend products – I had to tell you why you should read this book. And trust me, I didn’t do a great job of telling you all because there is so much content in it. More than 200 pages!


At $27 this is the best investment you can make for yourself and your business. You really have nothing to lose, considering there is a 100% money back guarantee.

You always want to learn from the best and having the best put so much knowledge in one book not only teaches you about things you may not find elsewhere, but also gives you all the info in one place, saving you hours of searching for information online. Not that I think you can find it all for free.

So I highly recommend this guide and with peace of mind give it a 5 star rating, because it definitely taught me things I didn’t know and helped me make more money by not working more – but smarter.

Get your copy and start rocking it online.

Let me know if you read it already!? I would love to hear your opinion!

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  1. I bought the Super Affiliate Handbook a long time ago, when I first started out with affiliate marketing. And I agree, the book is awesome and it’s probably the resource with most information about what to do to earn money in affiliate marketing. It’s been a while since I read it, but I definitively should re-read it.

    Thanks a lot for reminding me.
    Jens P. Berget recently posted..Do you need to use images in blog posts?My Profile

  2. Hey Brankica,

    I heard about this book a few years ago and sounds like it’s still quite popular. I will admit, I never purchased it because I was in information overload at that time. I “think” I’m pretty knowledgeable in affiliate marketing but at the same time I will admit still needing to know more.

    Ah heck, for $27 that’s really just a steal isn’t it!

    I’m marking this post and will be back…

    Thanks and enjoy your week.

    Adrienne recently posted..My Blogging Friends RockMy Profile

    • Hey Adrienne, I always though I learned it all until I read this one. It is the fact that it has a pile of those small tips that you don’t read elsewhere. I also make it a point to buy products instead of just trying to read more blogs, end up saving time and learning more, so I can put tips to good use faster. I really do love this book and keep re-reading it over time :)

  3. Hmm, Super Affiliate Hand Book! I does appear that this book is really a classic. I’ve heard of it over 5 yrs now and seeing that it is still very popular today with all the changes in the market, there is something in it that needs checking out.
    Chadrack recently posted..With the Many Algorithm Changes by Google, Are You Still Keen On Doing SEO?My Profile

  4. I like the price, I would expect this one to be at least a $99 book. I think I could easily afford this one and I do need some help with this marketing part. Thanks, great review, as always! :)
    Danijela recently posted..Rolex Of Coffees : 100% Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee Review & GiveawayMy Profile

    • I actually think the original price was $97 so this price is really great, especially considering that there are some products that are not as good but more expensive. Thanks :)