3 Reasons I Sometimes Skip Commenting on Your Blog


How often are you commenting on blogs? I took a little break last few weeks, because I was too busy, but I am back to blog hopping as much as I can.

So I noticed stuff that I don’t really like. And I want to make just a few observations and see what you think about it.

Commenting systems

Most bloggers don’t recommend using commenting systems like Disqus and Livefyre. People need to register for them and that can turn them away from commenting. Update: most commenting systems now allow comments from unregistered users. 

On the other hand, maybe that is exactly what you want, because not everyone is after comments. Comments don’t equal sales.

I did not comment on blogs with Disqus for a long time and it was months before I registered for it, to be able to comment on some blogs.

I don’t like those systems. I don’t want to ask people to register for it to comment on my blog. The only reason I registered is because, first, I created great connection with bloggers who use them, and then wanted to comment on their blogs (Ingrid, Dino, Gini…).

I actually ran a test with Livefyre, for about 2 weeks and wasn’t at all “wow-ed” by the results. Although the system was great to have conversations and has that chat like feel, I could not reply to comments from my dashboard and even worse – I could not edit a comment (which was a must when one of the commenters asked me to correct a link they posted in the comment).

Question #1: Do you like these commenting systems and why?

Comments or cash?

blog comments

To return to the fact that comments don’t equal sales, someone will say “But isn’t the point of blogging — interacting, commenting, community?” Yes, sure it is. There is nothing like a great community (and I love mine here) but most bloggers are trying to make money.

So no matter how much they appreciate the comments, they would still prefer sales.

If you ask me personally, I love each and every comment I get and I would not like to get less. But if I was selling a $200 course, I sure would hope for more sales and would not be upset with less comments.

You see, I know many bloggers that have 2 comments per post but are making more money than you can imagine.

Why am I even mentioning this? Because there are bloggers that talk only about how many comments they get, but that is it. There are no sales, they don’t get new subscribers, their blogs are just chat rooms and nothing else.

That is great if you have a personal blog where you like to chat, but the moment you put the first affiliate link or a banner on your blog, it isn’t personal any more, you are trying to create a business.

In this case, you don’t need conversation, you need conversion! So stop worrying about the number of comments you get and see how those few you do get – convert!

Question #2: Are you sometimes asking yourself how come you have 100 comments on a post but no sales (or newsletter subscriptions)?

Big pet peeve

There is one thing I noticed on more blogs lately, that I really don’t like. Comments going from the newest at the top.

On this blog, comments start from the oldest on top and it will stay like that forever. Why?

Reason number 1: having comments start from the oldest one makes it easier to follow the conversation. I don’t read the book from the bottom of the page, you know.

Reason number 2: how about rewarding people who commented first by letting them be seen. Being the first commenter on a post is a great traffic generation strategy and I don’t mind if people are doing it here.

If you comment first, I hope you get all the visits you want. Because you made an effort to be the first commenter. If you make a great comment, people should go and check out your blog because you deserve it.

But if your comments get pushed to the bottom of the page, that doesn’t seem fair to me.

Question #3: Do you care in what order are the comments posted?

Question #4 (cause I don’t understand): What is the advantage of reversing the comments’ order?

I don’t comment for the sole purpose of traffic generation or links, but I want to be able to follow the conversation. With reversed comments order, it is sometimes really hard to follow it.

Most people don’t ever read comments but if they do, not many will scroll to the bottom of the page and read up to the comment form.

I at least scan comments when I want to leave one, although most of the time, I actually read all of them, not to repeat a question. If the order is reverse, about 90% of the time, I will leave after reading the post.

I guess we all have some preferences and you don’t teach an old dog new tricks, lol.

OK, I will leave it at this today, enough questions to keep us busy. I hope  you will answer the questions or give your opinion on any of these observations, this is a topic that really interests me! And please share the post so we hear more voices here.

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  1. First :-)

  2. Hi Brankica

    Really enjoyed the post. I agree with you on all counts :-) As far as registering to comment, I have never been able to get livefyre to work for me LOL So can’t comment on those sites anyway.

    And I only comment on Disqus sites where I know the people well and they really write first class posts. Otherwise I bounce off once I have read the post.

    Like you, I enjoy reading comments in order. I tend to mostly read all comments when I visit a blog. Probably why it takes me so long to get around the blogs I enjoy visiting! I did laugh when I read “I don’t read the book from the bottom of the page” LOL Neither do I ;-)

    And if we are to be successful in our business, the issue of heaps of comments should be diminishing and the desire for more sales should be uppermost. Not to say networking isn’t enjoyable and necessary; just that all aspects of our business building needs to be taken into account imo

    As I get busier with more projects in the pipeline, the commenting systems do come into play when I am visiting blogs so this is on topic and well said Brankica. Another entertaining and insighful post. Thanks

    Patricia Perth Australia

    • Brankica says:

      You made a good point when you say that the less time you have the more you pay attention to how convenient is to comment. That is what happens to me with voting sites. I usually stay logged in to several voting sites I use the most. Sometimes my browser simply logs me out of everything. So when I click on, for example Serpd vote button, if it is telling me to log in instead of just voting, I don’t vote most of the time. Then when I have time, I log back into everything.

    • Hey Patricia, I had trouble w/ Livefyre for awhile and had to download Google Chrome to make it work.

      Just thought I’d butt in and say that; I also like following the comment stream first in first read.

      • Thanks Bill. I don’t have Google chrome installed. Will talk to Brankica about it before I go attempting anything vaguely techie LOL

        Patricia Perth Australia

        • Brankica says:

          I had to install Chrome after crashing FF so hard that I can’t get it to work properly anymore ;)

  3. Hey Brankica,

    You have addressed most of my concerns :) Thanks for that.

    1. Coming to systems like Disqus and stuff, I hate them! But I know some cool bloggers whom I follow use it, so I have registered for the sake of commenting at those blogs. I won’t ever install them in my blogs.

    2. I agree with what you say about comments and cash. I know a friend of mine who’s blog posts have 0 to a max of 4 comments per post (its 0 for most of the posts), but he quit his job last year and makes a full time income out of that blog.

    3. The first commenter should always be rewarded no matter what. On the other hand, making it upside down, not only refrains from rewarding the first ones, but rather buries their comments to the bottom of the well. That isn’t fair at all. And people will refrain from leaving a comment in the first place :)

    And as you say, it is easy to follow a threaded conversation only with the first comment on top. But, still I see that some of my favorite blogs do this, I don’t know why. May be they will leave their comments here :)


    • Brankica says:

      Thanks so much for sharing your opinion, and I hope someone will explain the reverse comment order to me here too :)

      • To get that explanation, you will have to sign up for my $1000/day course :)

        It boils down to psychology. The blog owners that implement the first-shall-be-last commenting system believe that it will encourage more people to comment (I guess). You know: someone arrives on the blog with say; 20 comments, he/she comments hoping his will be the last comment (or is it first comment? :) ) , another person comes and assumes the same thing and comments etc etc.

        But with the number of comments you get here, generic psychology sure beats reverse psychology :)

        Top Tip: to master how to read from bottom to top or right to left, go learn Arabic. lol

        • Brankica says:

          Hey Maky, that is the same thing I though about why they reverse the comment order :)

          And as far as Arabic goes, I do know some of it :P

  4. Hi Brankica!
    You ask some great questions here. I avoided commenting on Disqus systems when I first started blogging simply because it seemed to cumbersome. I was trying to make rounds and anything that slowed me up was annoying! LOL

    I’ve since slowed waaay down with trying to win the comment race, and have signed up for Disqus so I use it when someone has it, but like you, I don’t prefer it.

    I’ve discussed the whole comments or cash issue on one of my previous blogs and I think it’s absolutely essential for bloggers to know up-front what their plan is so they don’t run around chasing the wrong thing. I think in the beginning, new bloggers automatically believe that traffic = eventual cash, so I’m glad you point out that that’s not necessarily the case – more often than not.

    As far as commenting order, I never really thought about changing it. Whenever I read blogs, I like to read the comments and I just look for the beginning of the conversation wherever it is. I guess it makes sense though for the first commenters to receive the benefits of getting the ball rolling. It’s nice to find any way that you can to reward readers.

    • Brankica says:

      Hey Tisha, welcome to my blog :)

      I share your opinion here and want to say that seems like everyone who is in blogging at least 6 months slows down with commenting and starts spending energy in different ways, lol. I also check where the conversation starts, but if it is reversed and there are a lot of replies, I can get lost :)

  5. Hi Brankica,

    great article. I love that you pointed out “Comments don’t equal sales”. If you have 100 comments on a post but no sales you certainly should review your strategy because you are not converting. Maybe you need to spend more time working on other aspects of your blog and less on commenting.

    I don’t understand either why people change the order of the comments from newest to oldest. Makes me very nervous not to be able to follow the conversation and I usually end up giving up.


    • Brankica says:

      Cristina, welcome to my blog :) I too often abandon those conversations because I just don’t want to spend more time trying to find my way around, when I can be reading another post or doing some networking :)

  6. I’m new to writing a blog and would love to receive comments on what I have written!
    Have to say I don’t always comment when I’ve read someone’s blog if I don’t feel I’ve got more to add to the debate but I do always read all the comments.

    • Brankica says:

      I don’t comment all the time, too. I just feel weird to write something when I don’t really have anything to add.

      Then again, most bloggers won’t mind if you tell them how much you like the post as long as its not something like “Great post, thanks”, LOL

  7. Hi Brankica, I am glad you have wrote about this topic.
    First of all, I don’t like to register just to leave a comment at all. Yes, maybe that way I am losing a link. But, when you decide to leave a comment, you want to share your opinion about post, not to spend half a day just registering for each blog. Don’t like this option at all. I am fan of comment luv. I have finally start my blog, and I have decided to install it.
    Second, I vote for comments that starts from the oldest, for the same reason as you do. You have explained this very well.

    • Brankica says:

      Thanks, honey :)
      And yeah, it took me awhile to decide to register for all that stuff, just because some of my friends had blogs with those options and I had to comment on them eventually.

  8. Hey Brankica, a brilliant read! Thanks for pointing out comment order, I hadn’t thought about that before.

    I have the most recent comments at the bottom of my blog; the way I see it, you finish reading my post, then you read the comments a.k.a. the conversation so far, then you get to the bottom where you can post your comment and continue the conversation. This seems natural to me, and I plan on keeping it.

    Having said that, I don’t mind the most recent comments at the top. At least once I post a comment, I see it straight away! Guess it’s down to personal preference :-)

    • Brankica says:

      Thanks for sharing, Stuart. I didn’t mention that part, but I also keep the comment form below comments. Some people keep it at the top and I think it makes less people go through the comments because they can comment straight after reading the post.

    • I’ll just plow through either way, but too me it’s easier to follow the convo in chronological order.

  9. Hi Brankica and thanks for making me look again at my blog and the way I have my comments ‘upside down’. What you say really makes sense and the change has been made.

    I see what you mean about using systems such as Disqus, someone advised me early on to use it and although I accept it might put some off from commenting I have kind of got used to it so will stick with it for now. I guess this is one of those issues where you will always get conflicting advice depending on peoples own experiences.

    Thanks for a thoughtful article on an important subject that I have probably not paid enough attention to.


    • Brankica says:

      Hey Tony,
      when it comes to Disqus, I am so used to it now that I don’t mind it anymore. Some of my favorite blogs have it installed. But since I started with this default system, I would never change.

      Disqus actually makes a lot sense to more developed blogs actually, because I think it might keep more spam away. One extra reason why I am sticking with this system is that I get to use all these plugins for making links better for people, lol.

      Thanks so much for stopping by and sharing your thoughts.

    • Brankica will make you a smarter man Tony………:)

      • I am sure you are right there Bill. So much to learn but it’s a good start connecting with the right people like Brankica. I will be back and hopefully will be able to add a little to the debate from time to time :-)

        • Brankica says:

          Lol, Tony don’t pay attention to the man behind the curtain… that is the Wizard of Oz :)

  10. I agree so completely and unequivocally! Especially about DisQus (what’s wrong with name/email/URL?) and also about new comments starting up top. Ridiculous.

  11. Hi Brankica,

    For number 1, I still find it bearable if the blogger is someone i know and the post is so good that i forget about Discus and all those comment systems.

    I agree with you on number 3 though. I don’t see why the need of changing the order of the comments system. It obstructs the flow of conversation. Once i read the lastest comments, i don’t feel the urge to scroll down and read the old comments.

    Another thought provoking post my friend.



    • Brankica says:

      Lye, I have the exactly same feelings as you do :) I guess we are ready to forgive our friends any commenting system, lol

  12. Hey Brancika, can I firstly congratulate you on your win. You’re sharp shooting, superstar. I’m so stoked for you. Mine will be a double vodka, with a twist of lime, lol

    Patricia at Lavender uses, made a really interesting point, about conversion to sales, and you nailed it to the wall when you said “There are no sales, they don’t get new subscribers, their blogs are just chat rooms and nothing else.”

    As someone who has not thought about if/how/when to start trying to make make money with my blog, you have given me a ton to think about, as always, lol.
    As for comments starting from last first, I’m in agreement with you. I find it hard to follow the conversation that way and usually won’t bother, especially if there are clearly alot of regulars commenting, so that by the time I’m get to comment, they are pretty much off topic. I take what I need/want from the post and bounce.
    This was really interesting

    • Brankica says:

      Hey Stacey, where is my vodka/lime? I was thinking about you this morning, was wondering what are you up to lately :)

      Thanks for the nice words, you know I appreciate it, gal!

      When you mentioned it, this blog started as a personal blog, hence the URL, so I didn’t think about monetizing until after awhile. I understand what you are talking about. I am not saying I would swap my readers comments for sales but it is weird to see 100 comments on a post and not make a single sale the whole day.

    • Grey Goose?

  13. Hi Brankica,

    I hate Disqus and some other services like that, it stamps out my desire to comment. But of course, they help bloggers reduce spam comments. That’s why many websites continue using them, such as Mashable (I love reading Mashable too. But leave my comment? No way.)

    About comment vs sales, in my opions, the more comments you have, the more trustworthy people think you are. Because of that, they’re more likely to use your affiliate links for future purchase. That will lead to higher income :)

    Tho Huynh

    • Brankica says:

      Hey Tho, there are many people that read some blogs but never comment, that is a good point you made. I agree that more comments make you trustworthy and people will buy more likely.

      But here is where I don’t agree partially. In this “blogging blogs” niche, more comments usually mean you should make more money. But all your audience are other bloggers and they are not just going to buy from you based on number of comments, they want to trust you first.

      In other niches, let’s say jewelry, people usually come from the search engines, they don’t care about comments because they have no clue what a blog is, they look at the information and then purchase if they found what they were looking for.

      Then again, some people are great networkers and they get a lot of comments anyway but may not make sales.

      I do in general agree with what you say, because if there are not many comments on a blog, it makes you think why is that the case :)

  14. Number 1 really hit home. Often with a blogger blog, I have to go through so many hoops to leave a comment I end up giving up. Not sure why blogger’s system makes it so difficult.

    • Brankica says:

      Blogger is using Intense Debate? Right? I thought they have the option to choose name/URL over there. But anyway, yeah, it is annoying to go through all that sometimes.

  15. I don’t like any barrier to commenting – registration et al. I’ve actually been considering removing “moderated comments” from my blog after reading a nice argument about how even THAT is a barrier. I can’t remember where I found that post (or I would link here) but the point was that unless you’re being totally beaten up by trolls or whatever, most comments are just fine. But by moderating new comments you’re actually punishing new commenters by making them wait to have their comment show up, which just discourages further commenting (even though typically once your first comment has been accepted, you don’t need to go through moderation any longer).

    • Brankica says:

      Hey Alexis, I set my WP so I have to approve the first comment and after that you are automatically approved. However, I go through comments every day and sometimes even delete those already approved, because there are certain things I don’t allow here and that is why I even have commenting policy published.

      But you are right about that stopping people from commenting sometimes. There are blogs where I left at least 20 comments and still every comment I make is awaiting for moderation. I don’t visit them anymore.

      With GASP plugin, I got rid of all the automated bots and those few human spammers I get, I can handle, lol.

  16. Hey Brankica!

    I definitely avoided commenting on blogs that used things like Disqus in the beginning. However, a blog I really enjoyed following started using it and I really wanted to be involved in the conversations there.

    As far as comments= cash goes, I think if you’re target market isn’t the one leaving comments, it’s not really going to convert into sales. I’m not saying that we should not comment/be open to comments to all bloggers here.

    I like comments listed in order after a post. The comments section, IMO, is really a continuation of the post. Besides not wanting to repeat what someone else said, I like to read them all to get the full scope of the conversation.

    (By the way, I like the changes to your blog! You may have made them a little while ago, but I have been a bit busy.) Of course, this is all just my two cents–but, you asked for it:)

    • Brankica says:

      Hey Alicia, what we won’t do for friends and blogs we like, lol. Even use Disqus, lol. Hey that is one thing I don’t get, why someone after months or years, starts using Disqus. Even if I loved it, I would still think about changing such a big thing on my blog.

      Thanks for the comment about the new looks, I always keep changing and adding stuff (or in this case removing a lot of things, lol), I really appreciate it and your two cents are always more than that for me :)

    • From a sales perspective I see it as networking and getting your name out there. It might not be a direct sale but at some point in time your efforts ‘could’ pay off. It’s all about the time you can put into it and we all know time=money.

  17. yeah I can definitely agree with all this.

    I will say this about Disqus though, I got into it because it was the only decent comment system over on Joomla. I’m already registered so it’s not a hindrance for me to comment on those systems -I can see how it would be an obstacle, though. It’s the same way I feel about Livefyre lol

    I often wondered about the newest comment at the top situtation. I suspect those people are just trying to show the most recent entry in the discussion? it does throw me off when I see it though. I’m like, “well this doesn’t make any sense -oh, wait…”

    The default commenting system is good enough for me so I’l just stick with that.

    • Brankica says:

      Hey John, would you believe that the only reason I registered for Livefyre is because of Spin Sucks blog, I wanted to comment over there at Gini’s and had to do it.

  18. I am really surprised by the number of you that don’t like a commenting system such as Disqus. Even with the form-filling remembrance that Chrome does for me, I am less likely to comment when I have to fill out my details each time. I’m equally surprised that people don’t recommend it because of turning people away. Not that I get lots of comments, but I noticed an improvement when I had Disqus – and when I wrote more often, but that’s another story!

    With Disqus:
    – I am logged in all the time.
    – I can just go straight to typing my comment.
    – I have a record of all my comments that I can go look through if I want to check where I’ve been.
    – I get an email when someone replies to my comment.
    – I can actually reply further from my email account, rather than having to visit the site again. It’s just like replying to your personal email, if you sent me one!
    – You can follow people on Disqus too, see where they’ve been commenting, which I’m sure would be a great way to find new blogs – if I did it!

    As for comments not being in order – well, there’s another thing. You can set your preference in Disqus, popular now (which seems to be no particular order at all) or oldest first. Like all of you I prefer oldest at the top so I can follow the conversation.

    • Brankica says:

      Hey Ryah, nice to hear a different opinion, lol.

      There are two things there that didn’t work for me. Being logged in all the time is something that doesn’t happen to me. For what ever reason, I think it is my browser, sometimes it will clear out whole history and log me out of everything. Well, when I want to comment I need to log back in and about 80% of the time, I forget my password and have to resend it. Yeah, I tried writing it down but I keep messing that up too.

      Second is the e-mails I get, this is Livefyre though. I get e-mails for everything that happens on the site I commented on, who liked it, how many new comments, etc. Annoying.

      Few of the things you mention I didn’t know, so since I am registered I will check out this following thing, etc. Thanks so much for adding to this :)

  19. Carolyn says:

    Hi Branicka, Great topic! I saw a lot of tweets on this blog so I thought I should check it out.

    I see comments as the life blood of my blog. If a post doesn’t have comments, well that post seems a bit lonely to me.

    I looked into Disqus for my blog, it provides you with a lot of data about the comments on your blog, but I don’t need any hoops for my commenters to jump through.

    Reverse order doesn’t work for me. I see it sometimes and wonder why it’s done that way. Can’t figure that one out.

    I don’t monetize my blog so I can’t comment on sales.

    I have to moderate first time commenters. Some of the spam I get isn’t fit for my readers’ eyes.

    • Brankica says:

      Hey Carolyn, I moderate first time comments too, I have to considering what kind of keywords they use, lol. You are right about posts looking lonely with no comments, but it also depends on the niche. I would be surprised, for example, if this post didn’t get many comments because it is the perfect type of post to discuss, but some other posts, where I try to “teach” something, don’t get as many comments, still I know people read them and use the advice.

      Thanks so much for stopping by!

    • So, that’s why it took me 3 times to get in; I can’t keep changing my twitter account you know…………just sayin’………..

  20. Interesting take, i have been using disqus for a while now because my wordpress comment system received a huge amount of spam daily. I had more than 300 post in 2 weeks. I guess its better now with the “confirm you are not a spammer” plugin.

    I am still thinking about using back the comment system again after recommendations from Kristi from Kikolani. After reading this blog, i might again.

    Anyway I agree on your comment doesn’t bring in sales, I saw blogs that doesn’t get any comments but is doing very well in sales, most of the traffic are driven from google, so it was very targeted.

    • Brankica says:

      Aaron, I think that plugin changed a lot for us and fighting spam. I don’t get spam even every day anymore, which is great considering I had at least 20 spam comments a day when I first started and was a brand new personal blog.

      I agree about blogs with no comments, they get search engine traffic and sales and they are very targeted. I have a static site that is in the same position and it is a big difference compared to a blog where you use social media to drive most of the traffic.

  21. after seeing the title of this post i thought of writing a post “Why i Comment On BLogs” :D … but found this post very informative after reading it. :)

    • Brankica says:

      Hey, you still should write it :) I comment like crazy, but these are just a few pet peeves I have.

  22. I don’t get why some blogs would do newest comments first. I don’t like it. I’ve seen some blogs do that but not many and I don’t even remember which ones. The blogs weren’t that great for me to remember I guess.

    I don’t mind Disqus. At first it was frustrating cause I didn’t know what I had to do to comment on a blog that uses it. Now I do obviously do and like it actually. :)

  23. Hi Brankica
    I am with you about the commenting systems. I don’t like that too much and I don’t want people to sign up for commenting on my blog either. I want it to be easy for my visitors.
    I never have 100 comments on a post and I don’t sell anything ;-)
    I like the oldest at the top as you do it. I do it the same way on my blog.
    I guess that some bloggers think it is better to reverse if there are many comments. Then you don’t have to scroll all the way down to see the newest comment. I guess that is the reason.

    • Brankica says:

      I am guessing it could be the reason, but I always prefer reading the first comment instead of the last, they seem to be the most elaborate most of the time, lol

  24. Opened a can of worms, did ya! Well, are they listening???

    I’m with you on not liking the Disqus and Livefyre systems. I find them to mainly be a royal pain plus I don’t want to have to sign up for anything else or have to put all my info in there time and time again. I’ll only do it if I also have blogs I really enjoy visiting that happen to have that system. But the others, bye bye…

    I love the comments I receive as well but what I have found is that I am getting more signups for my newsletter and it’s also helping people see me as someone who really wants to help. I’ve also gotten a pick up on my sales so I’m definitely not complaining. So not only am I benefiting from commenting and building relationships, my business continues to pick up as well. Totally win win for me girl.

    Like you, my comments start at the top and go down. Whoever made it first deserves to be there (Dino you sneak)! When I have the time, I enjoy skimming through the comments too. I think that’s why we have them, interaction with each other. This is where I learn a lot too! Not only from reading the posts but reading the comments as well. Another win win situation.

    Glad to have you back, I know life can get really busy. Am going through that right now. But, we love seeing your face all over the place and hearing what you have to share, your witty banter… Yep, love it!

    Okay, have a great day and I’ll be seeing you around for sure.


    • Brankica says:

      Hey Adrienne, loved that interview yesterday, you are really rockin’ it. I just wanna say that I also learn a lot from comments, the post gets additional details, you can get post ideas for your own blog, you can even learn about some cool people and make connections with them, just because they left a good comment.

    • Brankica open a can a worms; say what’s on her mind………..nah…..

  25. I think in my case, considering the eBook I sell on my site, if I stopped getting comments, I’d probably stop getting sales, as the whole point to that eBook is how to promote your posts to make them more popular. I always wonder how some people sell the products they do (especially related to being successful in blogging) when their blogs don’t seem that successful. But then again, I guess it depends on what people deem as successful.

    As far as commenting systems, what I’ve noticed is that sites with regular comment forms almost always have more comments. Disqus seems to do very well too, but most other systems, unless the blogger is super famous, do not get the same numbers because people don’t want to become a member of your site just to leave a comment. And nothing is more frustrating than to want to comment on a site, try to login, realize you have a login but forgot the password, have to get that password, etc.

    Comment forms should be as simple as possible if you want to get comments. Period. :)

    • Brankica says:

      Lol, Kristi, that is exactly what stopped me from commenting so many times. Not to mention that Disqus system is sometimes down and you can’t do anything about it. Happened to ma a lot of times. I am not sure if it is only on a single blog at the time or global but I really don’t have an hour to wait for them to fix it.

      I am always wondering what will happen to comments if their server or what ever goes down or gets hacked.

    • You know Kristi, I used to think the same thing when I’d come across a blog with little or no comments – are they really as successful as they say they are if no one’s commenting? But then, like Brankica, I met actual people who were doing VERY well financially and they had almost no interaction on their blogs.
      It’s also a matter of what stage a blogger is at with their blog; For instance, I have a new blog, but not a new business. I do a lot of off-line marketing and have worked with people who are not online yet that much. In my case, I’m sort of leading the way in my off-line circles, towards transitioning to online business. (They’re all waiting to see how I do in the Internet jungle before deciding to take the leap – LOL!)
      So lack of traffic on a blog doesn’t always mean lack of knowledge or success – as you mentioned it all comes down to each of us defining for ourselves what success is.

      • So true, what is your definition of success and what does it look like?

        • Hi Bill!
          In my home office, I have a a plaque on my desk that reads “Success is not the key to happiness, Happiness is the key to success”. To me, that’s the best statement to describe what success looks like to me. As long as I feel happy and fulfilled in what I’m doing (which, for me, always includes helping others and spending time with people I love), then as far as I’m concerned life is good and I feel like a success.
          And, btw, I’ve seen you around enough in the comments sections of various blogs, that it’s high time I made it over to your place – very soon! :-)

  26. I tried to stay up so I could beat Dino to the #1 spot, but fatigue got the best of me. You did inspire me to write a post specifically about CommentLuv though.

    I always appreciate that you voice your ideas so clearly and authoritatively. You’re more courageous than me! I agree with you 100%–I don’t like having to sign up with another system to be able to comment. Yet, I did sign up on Disqus and Lifefyre because sometimes I just can’t move on with my life until I comment!

    I also like the oldest comments at the top. I don’t want to submit my comment without reading the other comments–what if we said the exact same thing?

    I understand the spam issue. Even my little blog got spam until you helped me set up the GASP plugin. That along with Simple Trackback Validation and I haven’t received any more, even with Akismet disabled.

    Let’s get some folks to switch to CommentLuv! I’m with you!


    • Brankica says:

      I love CommentLuv too :) Not just because of backlinks, but it makes blog hopping easier, I always click on interesting blog titles. Thanks for the nice words and I am glad I was able to help.

    • Still pimpin’ CommentLuv I see…………:)

  27. Brankica,

    This is the second post I read today that talks about commenting. This morning I read about Adrienne’s post (adriennesmith.net) about the social side of commenting. In her post she talks about commenting and how we should have the genuine motivation when leaving any comments on a blog – that is to add value to the conversation.

    Your post is the other side of it – conversion. You’re spot on! Conversation and Conversion can go along well.

    And, on the comment systems that force you to login every time you want to leave a comment, that’s too old-school. I hate them :-)

    • Brankica says:

      Marlon, there is another comment related post over at Site Sketch 101 today. Its like we all think alike, lol. Although Adrienne and me often think alike and I think we might be twins that were separated at birth :)

  28. Hi Brankica,
    Here are my answers to your questions: :)
    1.1 As a commenter I like Commentluv because it’s easy to add comment.
    1.2 As a blog owner I like Disqus, Livefyre and Intensedebate because people who add comment to my blog have real relationship with me and is the one who really have useful thing to share.

    2. I never face that question because I never reach 100 comments on my blog (but I do get sales). :)

    3. If I am the first who comment, I would like to be on top but if I am the last then I would like you to read the book from the bottom of the page. Hehe.
    But seriously, I agree with you that the first commenter is the one who should be rewarded.

    4. There must be some good reasons which I don’t know too. May be the blog owner would like to attract more people to comment. lol

    I am usually read all comments on the post which is very good and very interesting to me as I also keen to know other people ideas, most likely about seo and social media tips and tricks.

    • Brankica says:

      Hey Rose, it’s nice how you explained number one :) When it comes to number 2 I think that is the point, I am sure you would not trade your sales for comments, lol. Thanks so much for the feedback on this one.

  29. Hi Brankica,

    I’m with you on this. I comment on blogs that are using a different system, but only disqus, because I’ve already signed up for it. I don’t want to sign up for every system out there. But, in the end, it depends on who the author is. If Dino (or you) switched to a new system, I would probably sign up for it.

    I sort of don’t like that the newest comments are at the top, because then, the only one who’s rewarded is me, I’m always late to the party (that’s why I just sort of don’t like it):-)

    • Brankica says:

      Lol, Jens, love your point. Dino is actually using Disqus and he is one of the reasons I registered, like I say, what we won’t do for friends. I also know what you mean about the comment order, it isn’t fair to be rewarded if you are late to the party, even if it is me who is being rewarded :)

  30. Now you have me all confused :( I installed disqus but one can comment as a guest no need to register! Also about the reverse order, I hadn’t noticed it until now…will have to go check out the order!

    • Brankica says:

      Hey Hajra, I didn’t know about the guest option, or maybe they didn’t have it at the time, but when I first wanted to comment on some blogs, I had no option but to register. Maybe you can change it in settings?

      Anyway, I don’t mind it now, but for new people it is annoying to have to register and many won’t which can cost you a few comments. On the other hand, if you are selling something and people are buying no matter comments or not, it doesn’t really matter.

      • Just checked my Disqus set up and there is an option in ‘Settings’ to have ‘Anyone’, ‘Registered Only’ or ‘Registered Only with verified e-mail’.

        I have mine on ‘Anyone’ but also have a spam filter and a setting to moderate any comment with a link which seems to work well for me.

        Hope that helps to clarify :-)

        • Brankica says:

          It does :)

          I guess, at the beginning, the first blogs I ran into that had Disqus, had it set to Registered only or something.

  31. Hi there Brankica.

    You pointed out everything in this post very well. I totally agree with you in saying that “comments do not equal sales”. I often receive few comments on some of my blog posts but I don’t mind. lol. But the thing is that no matter how few these commentors or followers are, they deserve recognition so I really take time to respond to their comments and interact with them. I also follow and recognize their blogs, which they really appreciate.

    About the reversed order of comments, I think that this kind of order are useful for those who have sort of “review sites”. That is because it is important that ‘review’ comments are updated such that the new ones should come first so that other readers can instantly know the updates. This is just my idea anyway. :D

    • Brankica says:

      Hey John, I also always reply to comments and visit blogs every chance I get to “repay the visit”. I love keeping this community here happy, lol.

      The review blog explanation makes sense, but the blogs I had in mind are just like mine, same topic. That is why I am confused.

  32. Hi Brankica,

    My case was the same. Needed to register on Disqus to comment – not good idea, but it was only once and for bloggers who are using it.

    About comments vs sales, they can be linked if your readers trust you, then you can convert better. Anyway targeting comments only for personal blogs, if you want sales you’d increase all the tech material for that – so less time to comment.

    My biggest constraint is few time to comment – I need to do other tech tasks regularly lately.



    • Brankica says:

      Hey Gera, I think we all reach a point where we get too busy with technical issues instead of writing and networking. Thanks so much for the input here :)

  33. Bran, as soon as I read this post a yesterday I knew it was going to do quite well with the conversation, and it sure has. Here’s my 2cents:

    1. Although comments are great and platforms like Livefyre and Disqus can stimulate them, beginning blogger or readers are turned off by them. And in my case, those persons– the ones that don’t even know what an avatar is– are often times the ones that are paying customers. In fact, the true judge of a succesful article to me is not the number of comments from regular readers, but from new readers as well as the number of direct emails I get from people regarding the post that initiated an action.

    2. I think the first commentor should be first, no question.

    3. Brankica is a gunslinger.

    There you have it :-)

    Have a great weekend Bran!!


    • Brankica says:

      Lol, Mufasa, you make a great point of the new commentators issue. I often think about them because as much as I love returning readers, I love new ones too, because that means you are growing.

      Like you say, they are the paying customers most of the time. You have a different angle on all this, as I do, because we are dealing with people in different niches, with our niche sites.

      I completely agree with you although answer number 3 has nothing to do with my Q 3 :)

    • Good points, I would only say if I found a way to get thru them then it’s doable and I say that seriously. I didn’t have a clue what was what when I first started……….and still don’t on some things……….

  34. I think the biggest turnoff in commenting is the various login systems. I think that turns most newcomers away.

    I guess it’s a tradeoff and it keeps some of the dumb comments away, but I always am more willing to join the conversation when posting comments is easy.

    • Brankica says:

      Sophia, I am with you on this one. If someone does get some bad comments, spam or what ever, they can always delete them, right?

  35. I hate being asked to jump through hoops to comment and consequently I usually don’t. I have used more commenting systems than I care to think about: blogger, haloscan, Intense Debate, WP, DISQUS and Livefyre.

    They all have their pros and cons. I recently switched to Disqus but that was because there was an issue with my blog and IE that was killing comments so it made sense.

    I also like that I am able to follow certain people wherever they go. I have discovered some very interesting blogs that way.

    Comments can certainly be viewed as currency but they are not the sole determinant of value or worth.

    • Brankica says:

      Jack, love the way you put it in the last sentence :)

      I never though how many of those systems are there actually, lol.

      • A while back someone told me that they thought someone else in my space was more valuable because they got 20 times the number of comments I did.

        I responded by pointing out that a bunch of those comments were spam and that a significant amount of the interaction was generated by two people. Sure, they had more comments but no more readers.

        Numbers should be questioned.

        • Brankica says:

          Could not agree more. There are people that will let any spam comment on their blog to raise the numbers.

    • It’s all a part of the process; just one piece in the sum of the whole.

      PS – I’m not counting, but this was the 100th comment for B.

  36. Brankica, you just made my day!

    I always though I was the only one who didn’t ‘get’ those blog commenting system. Can someone please tell me what the fuss is all about?


    • Brankica says:

      Lol, I guess we will have to find an answer for you, Wim :) Welcome to my blog!

  37. I personally like the features of comment systems, Brankica, but my commenters didn’t and I didn’t like being dependent upon them so I removed them from my blogs. As long as it’s one of the major commenting systems I don’t mind having to log into it to comment.

    The last comment first is just an encouragement for someone to leave a comment on a site that has a lot of comments already. Although it’s abused, I still like to list them in chronological order like yourself. I delete any comments like the first one on this post, though. ;)

    • Brankica says:

      Lol, Brad, that is one of the most serious comments I have ever got from Dino, so I have to keep it to show it to my grandchildren one day :)

      I did notice that if Disqus is down, you can’t post a comment on a blog, so I would definitely not want that here.

      Getting people to comment on posts with a lot of comments by reversing the order makes a lot of sense but I am not sure why some do it with getting a lot of comments anyway.

      I don’t think that having 50 or 70 comments makes that big of a difference. For me a successful post has 20, 30 or more comments and that isn’t so hard to get. So why go for 200, lol

  38. Hey Brankica,
    You are a gunslinger.
    I’m not big on signing up for commenting, but…if a post is good I will.
    I think those systems may become obsolete as the popularity wanes.
    This wasn’t a question, so please forgive.
    Some of the best posts I’ve read haven’t had any comments (until mine).
    Folks may race to be first on some popular ones, but fear wins out on the lesser knowns. What gives?

    • Brankica says:

      Rob, you are completely right, just this week I read two really great posts published at least a week ago that had no comments!

  39. Hi Brankica, thanks for being so upfront! You when I read this post about the order of comments, I don’t even remember how mind was setup that I had to go and check. Tells you how aware I am of this! Fortunately, I got it setup right!

    I do comment on Disqus and like you, they were blogs I really liked!

    The question about comments or cash. We all want cash but because we or at least I, don’t know how to convert I go for comments first. I think getting comments is the first step and social proof that your blog is credible. My question is once we see comments at what point do you start looking at monetizing your blog?

    • Brankica says:

      Hey Diana, I don’t look at monetizing from the stand point of comments. They do mean you created a great community, but your friends are less likely to buy than people who came from Search engines, etc. This is in case your target market is similar to mine.

      For example, my readers are mostly bloggers. They already use or promote almost the same tools I do, so it isn’t that easy to “sell to them”.

      In general, depending on how you are monetizing, I don’t start until I have at least 100 visitors a day. In case of Adsense, even that is not enough.

      On the other hand, if your market are real estate agents, and you are selling a $1.000 course on how to sell every house you get your hands on, all you need is one sale a day to make $30.000. So in this case you would monetize from day one.

      Determine the target market and what you are going to sell and shoot me an e-mail so we can find the best answer :)

  40. As the 86th commentator, here’s my bit:
    Registering to comment, adds that extra little barrier to me but I can see the reasons for it.
    Why do ”comment counts” include the blog owners comments – 100 comments is usually 50 comments + 50 replies and maybe eventually 40 commentators?
    I like to read from the beginning to end and follow the thread – it’s educational to see the interaction between commentators, but boy! it takes ages to read to the bottom of a popular blog.
    The community that’s evident around a blog gives it credibility. There are plenty of visitors like me who are not ‘bloggers’ per se, who don’t comment regularly but will buy from you with confidence.
    I hope you’re not going to RLMAO! Julia

    • Brankica says:

      No I am not :)

      It is a good observation that the comment count shows both blog owners replies and the original comments. Although it doubles the comment number it does add to the social proof.

      The funny thing is that some bloggers don’t reply to their comments and have smaller comment counts but I see another problem with that. I think people like to be appreciated and I like to acknowledge the fact that someone took the time to comment here. It is all a community building strategy, lol.

      But I do know what you mean that you don’t comment but will buy, I am often like that on some blogs.

      Thanks so much for actually commenting :)

  41. This is just like a live social event for me; I have to stop and talk w/ everyone on my way to my seat. The irony of it just hit me.

    I never really struggled w/ any of the commenting systems. I just signed up because I thought it was what you were supposed to do. I’m the guy that will walk thru a handshake and go right for the hug; so no little barrier was going to stop me from talking………:)

    Obviously, I’m just social w/ mine but hope it brings some value to people like you by being here. I was concerned after I read Patricia’s post about Alexa and the fact I don’t have it installed. I’m still not sure if that hurts your numbers when I stop by because of it.

    I like the comments, but I’m not keeping track. I thought JackB had said it but I didn’t see it in this stream that some people have #’s but not a lot of substance in their posts. I felt he was talking to me because I do have people stop by but I haven’t been deep in any of the posts. My point being, sometimes we get hung up on things that might not really matter as it will all eventually work out.

    As you can see, if you put the oldest first I will work my way down talking primarily with the people I know. This too has been recently brought to my attention as ‘proper’ commenting etiquette; which I enjoy but time consuming as well. I do it because I like it though, and for no other reason.

    Good to see you ma’am and I still don’t know how I got here so late; was I on the invitation list?

    Have a good weekend. Nor more bad translations……….:)

    • Brankica says:

      You can post as many bad translations as you want, Bill. And yes, you are ALWAYS on the invitation list, I think you got stuck in traffic!

      This is such a great comment and I love it. It says so much and this is one of the best sentences I have ever read: “I have to stop and talk w/ everyone on my way to my seat.”

      That is what you did with commenting on this post and it makes perfect sense!!! I am like that too in real life, but never really thought about it in the blogging world, you did open my eyes with it.

      I think your posts are great and you created such a great community around yourself and you would probably win the popularity contest in the blogosphere!!!

  42. Brankica,

    This makes me think of beginning with the end in mind.

    Ask yourself, what is your primary goal? If you’re publishing content in hopes to build community around a product or course, then conversion is king. In that case, comments are secondary but highly useful for market research and engagement.

    If you’re building a business, your articles should be strategic in theme and function. Point people to your newsletter. Invite questions about your product or service. Review your course openly and ask for feedback. Hint at hidden, juicy content over the email wall.

    The reverse-chronological comment thread confuses me. Just like you, I enjoy reading the comments from first to most recent. It’s easier to follow the conversation and it’s a natural down-scrolling activity instead of the bottom up approach (unnatural).

    Any commenting system that complicates the process doesn’t sit well with me. It should be easy (but moderated) to leave a thoughtful comment. Ease-of-use encourages widespread adoption; more people will likely leave a nice comment.

    My comment system is a default setting and I’m fine with it for now. Numerous people have advised me to install Keyword or Comment luv plugins and others but I’m keeping it as-is for now. I MAY go with CommentLuv but we’ll see.

    Intriguing topic…


    • Brankica says:

      Jon, thanks so much for taking the time to write such an insightful comment!

      You could not be more right about the goal of the blog compared to wanting comments and wanting conversions. Of course they can go together but seems like in a lot of cases, they don’t. I think the reason is that a lot of us start blogging to see what is it all about and if we make some success, we start working on the money making plan.

  43. Brankica,

    You’re welcome and great point. It’s funny how we may start publishing with one set of intentions but the people we strike a chord with steer us in a completely different (often better and more lucrative) one!

    • Brankica says:

      That is exactly what happened to this blog, it started as my personal travel stories sharing and shooting stuff, then I posted one or two posts on social media and look at it now, lol. I actually asked people back then what they want and listened to them. It worked obviously :)

  44. Brankia,

    I do like commenting systems that make it easy to comment. I love the GASP plugin that has made it unnecessary for all captcha stuff. Although I do not care for Disqus it has not kept me from commenting. I go to some pretty fabulous sites that made it their system of choice.

    I am with you on the commenting order. I do not get why you would want the last commenter to be on the top. I would think that it would keep the commenters from reading the other comments thus putting a stop on creating a community of commenters.

    • Brankica says:

      Sheila, let me say first that I like your new gravatar image, so nice :)

      I also love GASP, I think it has to be my overall number 1 favorite plugin. As far as the Disqus goes, the more you blog and comment the easier you register for it or use it. But for newbies that keep running into new stuff daily, it is so annoying. I know, it happened to me a few months ago, lol.

      We still can’t find the real answer to the commenting order, I guess :)

  45. “How often are you commenting on blogs?” answering this question I would like to say that I spend a few hours per week on blog commenting. I think that there are two main things in blog commenting: 1) comments should be posted at web pages related to your sites and 2) comments should bring value to people. So, comments shouldn’t be left just to get backlink for a website. It is better to focus on quality of comments rather than on quantity.

    • Brankica says:

      Hey Terje, you are right. But this was more about the commenting systems and order than the reason for commenting. Also, most bloggers do go for the links and leave good comments so I would not separate those two.

  46. I agree with the first commenters getting dibs on the top positions in your wonderful long list of comments.

    I’m just getting back from my time-out; I was pretty busy, too, and a little over my head with teething pains. =) It’s brutal.


  47. If only I could be first on this page too! Good work Dino!

    You made some great points Brankica. I totally agree that the oldest comment should be first. They deserve to be there for commenting first! Great way to give back to your commentors.

  48. Even though I am a comic strip author (not called a ‘comic stripper’) and not truly a blogger, I thought the article relevant, so I took a shot at answering your questions. Feel free to remove it if you think it’s irrelevant.

    Question #1: Do you like these commenting systems and why?
    I use Intense Debate on my comic strip mainly because I built my site from scratch and had to use pre-built features for the functions I couldn’t program, which are many because I have zero experience publishing web pages and no knowledge of HTML whatsoever. A fellow comic strip author (George Ford of Addanac City) pointed me towards Intense Debate. Like you, I don’t register to comment on a blog and like the way Intense Debate accepts many forms of ID.

    Question #2: Are you sometimes asking yourself how come you have 100 comments on a post but no sales (or newsletter subscriptions)?
    No. I guess I have never hit that large numbers of comments. I do love reading and responding to them though. I think they add to the fun of the site and provide ideas for developments. I also love the way sometimes the discussion takes a live of its own and ends up being funnier than the actual offering. Note that this almost never happens on my site, especially now that updates have become less frequent.

    Question #3: Do you care in what order are the comments posted?
    Even though I never thought of this, older comments come first on my site. I guess I do care, although I never articulated it.

    Question #4 (cause I don’t understand): What is the advantage of reversing the comments’ order?
    The only advantage I can see is that so your followers can see at a glance if there are new comments. This only favors those who monitor the blog constantly and remember the conversation. For those of us that read and comment on multiple sites (comic strip hopping?) having them at the top only confuses us.

    • Brankica says:

      Hey Nef, no removing comments on this blog unless they are spam :)

      Thanks for your input and I know what you mean about Intense Debate, I agree with you on that one.

  49. WOW, look at all the comments here! :P

    I love comments, but man oh man have I ever been bad with them lately. Before I started blogging, I totally underestimated how much time it takes to leave comments. It can get stressful and eat up a lot of my time!!!

    I wanted to keep up with everyone else, but it also took me a while to realize that comments do not equal sales. This is HUGE to remember.

    I always hated Disqus, haha. I like the normal commenting style that comes with WordPress. I don’t care what order they are in, either. I thought about somehow reversing them so the most recent ones were listed first, but I don’t know how to do that.

    On my other newish blog, I have the Facebook comment system set up (with no other blog commenting option) because I’m trying to experiment with this whole viral social media thing. :)

    I got ONE comment so far on the new blog, and all it says is ” LLLLLLLLLLOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL” from some guy, haha.

    Anyway, I’m rambling :)

    This was a great blog post! It’s SOOO important to remember that comments do not equal sales!!! Makes me feel better about myself since my comments are a bit less these days! :)

  50. :( I am using the disqus comment system that is the best available for blogger blogs and it helped me in getting rid of the frustrated default comment system of blogspot and even it reduced the number of spam comments on my site.

    On my wordpress sites I am using the default comment system and I guess it helps the spammer a lot,dont know what happened last 2 days on one of my site I got more than 300 spam comments with no url of anyone instead there were urls like yahoo .com & google .com but they were using email@theirdomain.com dont know if it helps them in backlinking.

  51. Bojan says:

    I completely don’t get your point. Registring at DISQUS is simple as 2 clicks, allows Facebook login and Twitter login, along with other 2 click registrations. Hence, makes it easier to comment with it. Plus you can leave comment as a guest on top of it. Than it’s also a social network. And I use it as main commenting system on all of my websites.

    • Brankica says:

      A lot of blogs have it set up so you have to register for Disqus to comment. You can not comment with anything else on these blogs. That adds extra steps for people to do just to leave a comment. Any additional step people need to take to comment on your blog will get some people to leave without commenting.

      Of course, if comments are not your goal, then you do not care about this.

      I, on the other hand, like people leaving comments here and don’t want to add any additional steps to the process. All they have to do is put their name, nickname or what ever they want in the name field and their e-mail. They would have to do all that to register for Disqus anyway.

      So I like to keep it simple for everyone.

      Adding any commenting system to a blog, especially if the visitors are not bloggers per se, makes it harder on them to leave a comment and a lot of them just don’t do it.

      Some of the best blogs I read use the default WordPress commenting system, so I don’t think I should be testing different stuff when successful bloggers already showed me how to do it.

      • Bojan says:

        There is a lure of DISQUS, where you already left a comment before pop up windows jumps out. The number of hoops is the same, or maybe even less. I can understand the creedo behind comment luv, but that’s not my main goal.


        We can disagree, but different crowds, different needs.

        • Brankica says:

          The number of hoops isn’t the same, less or more… WP system has no hoops. Not sure really what you are trying to say this time.

  52. Bojan says:

    I have written a similar post, where I left my thoughts on subscription: it’s cross related, because it’s related to comments:


  53. I specifically like your comment about the order or timeline of comments. Many sites use “New comes Top” and thats nonsense and frustrating early commenters.
    On top of it, late commenters want to at least skim through previous comments in order to avoid boilerplate repetition.
    Think about a blog being commented on for months (and some are) and the last one beeing the first you see.
    Twitter @rene_schlegel

  54. I’m pretty new to blogging and have recently started using WordPress and a home made theme I cobbled together. I never really considered the importance of having the first commenter at the top of the page but am curious to how it’s actually done as mine defaults to the opposite.

    Also with regard to disqus, I’ve never really understood its purpose as I find it a little slow and blogging systems tend to have reasonable commenting facilities built in to them anyway. With the correct plug ins spam is almost non-existent.

    • Brankica says:

      Hey Gary, I agree. But, unfortunately, if you plan to comment on a lot of blogs, you better go register with Disqus now and get it over with, lol. Welcome to my blog!

  55. I dont and cant understand people just comment on blogs to get traffic to their site,also have heard that doing a lot of comment on various sites can be resulted in a penalty from google dont know what is the truth but yeah


    Disqus is not slow it depends upon your hosting plan and yeah if you are concern regarding spammers disqus is the best choice it greatly reduced spam comments from my blog I hardly got 2 spam comments since I installed it before I used to get so many spam comments

  56. I can’t say it’s a major pet peeve of mine, but I also don’t understand the reversal of comments with the new ones being at the top. It’s possible that it’s mainly because after so many years of being used to it the other way that it’s irritating; I’m not really sure.

    But the only reasons I’ll have for not commenting on a blog are:

    1 – I don’t feel I have anything special to add
    2 – Already has over 150 comments so mine will get lost
    3 – The writer has never responded to anyone’s comments
    4 – I can’t just leave a comment like here, as in having to jump through hoops, captcha, logging in, signing up, etc.

    Whew; that’s a load off my mind. :-)

  57. I have to say that the comments with newest at the top is completely annoying. When I have to start researching to see what order comments run is when I tend to not comment at all. The other annoyance I get is people asking me to comment on their blog ALL THE TIME but never return the favor. I carry the three strike rule with commenting by request then I am out.

    • I am checking to see what the commenting policy is here that created the reason for my name being deleted, yet another reason to not comment on someone’s blog.

      • Brankica says:

        Here is the commenting policy. http://live-your-love.com/comment-rules/

        99% of serious blogs don’t allow keywords in the name field. That is why it says name and not keywords.

        • I am seriously not trying to make this an argument as I replied to see what I had done incorrectly. Bodynsoil is my name and not a keyword, that is my confusion. I was only joking about the other reason for not commenting but should have stressed that a bit.

  58. I absolutely ABHOR commenting systems, but I have ended up registering because I felt I had a sensible comment that the blog owner would appreciate.

    I’m not always hoping for comments. I don’t live or die by them. They’re nice to have, I welcome them with open arms. But I could close comments tomorrow and not look back.

    I don’t care in what order comments are posted.
    I don’t see any advantage or disadvantage in reversing the order of (or mixing up) comments!

  59. Sorry to disagree but I prefer newest comments on top – I know that this is the reverse of the way that the conversations actually take place but when there are several pages of comments or when the post is quite old then \i think the most recent comments are the most important.

  60. salesmaximus says:

    Currently I do not comment on some blogs just because they are overwhelmed with commenter’s who do it just for links. The sad thing is that the commenter approves those comments too.

  61. @salesmaximus I think the reason for that is that new blogs are kinda desperate for those comment count numbers so they approve all sorts of spam comments.

  62. salesmaximus says:

    @Brankica Sad thing is that, the blog where I guest posted on is not a new blog. it’s a pretty popular blog with an established audience. I wanted to ask the blogger not to accept comments like this, but it’s their blog. So it’s their rules.

  63. girlygrizzly says:


    Hi there! I loved your post this weekend @ your connect page… twisted it around to fit me and I made a really nice one…umm, I think! LOL So, thanks.

    #1- I use HubSpot and I’m brand-new so I don’t have an opinion, but I have been listening (and I, also, read the comments! Sometimes I learn even more there! -and I don’t want to sound stupid, if I’m not sure how to word something) and it seems like many folks are getting quite irritated with “HAVING” to register to comment.

    (We are a business…. but, I like the comments. It means someone wants to get to know more or us, and the problem we are facing in a big scary way is that nobody knows we exist in the world we are trying to share with… but I like the comments!)

    #2- I’ll ask myself when I hit 100 (WOW!!- for me!) I’ll wonder, right now I’m too busy reading and writing and trying to get it all right!

    #3- Yes, as a matter of fact I do. I like to read the comments and you are right- it’s too confusing, because if you are anything like me, I’ll go back to the article or post many times to re-read or reference it.

    And #4- I wouldn’t have a clue!

    Take care.


  64. ExpatDoctorMom says:

    Dear Brankica

    I am reading a lot of your post because well they are invaluable

    I am considering Livefyre for my own site but am worried it wil turn off my up to dozen comments thus far because I would say 75% of them are readers who are not in this line of work;blogging and do not get it. I didn’t either until now. So far I have added the comment luv and we shall see. I am creating a jing video for my next post to be released 6/25/11 to educate my readers on how to be a good reader, lol! This is the answer to ques 1

    I don’t get 100 comments so I can’t answer 2

    I agree with you. The oldest comment should be first so you can follow the flow of the conversation and of course reward that person who made it there first!


  65. I agree, any blog that makes you become a member just to leave a comment isn’t even worth the time or effort unless it’s a huge community of users where your profile could have a higher potential of being looked at.

    Great site and post.

    • Brankica says:

      Hey Greg, I actually changed my mind after this post and took Livefyre for a test ride. I gotta admit it was great. And if you are a blogger, you will eventually register for all the commenting systems, so it is better to just get it over with :)

  66. I am also staying away from Discus for my own blog at this time, but I would be interested to hear if there are any benefits to the blogger for adding one of the commenting systems like Discus or LiveFyre.

  67. When I read the line, “how about rewarding people who commented first by letting them be seen” I immediately scrolled down to see if there was a “First!” comment. And lo and behold, there it was. :D

    Good points though. *goes to check comment order on own blog*

  68. Hi Brankica,
    It does bother me when someone has the comments listed in reverse order. It makes it difficult to follow, and sometimes it take me a while to understand that the reason I can’t follow the different comments, is because they’re reversed :) (One of my many dumb-blond moments).
    I personally only have comments enabled on one of my pages (I have a review site/amazon store so comments aren’t necessary), so I can’t speak from experience on my ‘blog’, but I do know that I never leave comments on sites that are strictly Disqus, even though I’m pretty positive I have an account. It just doesn’t make sense to me. Well, those are my answers!
    Thanks for this post!

  69. Dear Brankica, you put some good points forth. I hadn’t considered many of these things before, so thank you for sharing it.

  70. Cool post.. the thing I like about Livefyre is that it’s so socially integrated. I feel like most people have a Twitter or facebook account now, so it’s not such a big deal to “sign in” — do you think it could really detract from commenting? You get a lot of comments so you should know :)