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Are you struggling with your keyword research? Or you are not even doing it? SEO blogger Firefox add-on to the rescue :)

If you are using Mozilla Firefox browser, there is this neat add-on that will make your blogging so much easier. It is a free tool by Wordtracker, a great company that (like Market Samurai) provides services like keyword research and link building.

Wordtracker’s results may differ from Google’s from time to time, but I have seen them as more accurate when it comes to targeting your words to rank better (personal experience).

What will SEO blogger tool do for you?

It will do two things:

  1. help with keyword research
  2. count how many times have you used a keyword in your post

Why is all this important?

See my tutorial first and then I will explain more.

To download the add-on you will need to go to Wordtracker site (click here).

The importance of the two things SEO blogger will help you with is:

  • Keyword research means that you will include a targeted keyword in your post that will help you with your SEO, so you will rank higher in Search engines (this is in plain words, of course it takes much more than that).
  • Writing a post with NO keyword research won’t get you anywhere with the Search engines. It can help with people but some SEO is always a good thing. Higher rank with SE = more people will see your post.
  • You will have a list of keywords right there on your left side so you can always check new words and add them to the “Your chose keywords” list.
  • Did I say the tool is FREE :)
  • The counter is a great thing to keep you from keyword stuffing your post. Google doesn’t like it. Balance your keywords all over the post. And keep that main (and any other) keyword below 8%. Actually 5% would be better, but 8 is the top line, don’t cross it.
  • One more great thing about SEO blogger is that it will give you ideas on keywords you might have missed when you brainstormed your ideas.

I usually write long posts, but I am making this one short. You know where to get the tool and you know how to install it. You know how to use it and why it is important to have a similar helper when you write your posts.

This is my recommendation for all of you who:

  • don’t want to spend money on keyword research tools, yet
  • don’t do research at all – start doing it!
  • need ideas for keywords
  • don’t want to stuff keywords all over the post and get Google annoyed, lol

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  1. Great to hear your voice :-) cool tool, I’ll be checking that out. Thnx Brankica :-)

  2. Hey Brankica,

    Great video, and that’s a plugin I didn’t know about.. I’m sure going to use it now. Thanks for sharing. This is like a premium plugin.

    Ben Wan

    • Brankica says:

      I love this one since it will give a pretty good picture of the keywords you should use.

      • Hi Brankica,

        For some unknown reason this firefox add-on doesn’t work on Windows Vista… not sure if it’s conflicting with some other add-on or it’s the Windows operating system. Any idea why?

        But it’s working on my other laptop which as Windows 7.

        Ben Wan.

        • Brankica says:

          Yes, it is working on my Windows 7. And I had on XP (my favorite of all times).

          Well, I hope that all the bloggers that need the tool are not running the Vista so they can try out the tool :)

        • I have Vista and the plugin works. But, I have a dark firefox theme and the text field for entering the keyword for search is near black and the text is black so the entered text is almost invisible. Perhaps this is what you are seeing(or should I say NOT seeing.. ha)

          Other than that, great plugin Brankica! Thx

          • Brankica says:

            Tom, thanks for informing me about Vista :) and sorry to hear about your problem now, lol.

  3. Brankica:

    Excellent tip and a tool I do use! Also, I tole you the video would be fabulous! Kudos


  4. Woohoo… this was great! :D

    1. This tool is amazing. I had no idea it existed.
    2. You did a fabulous job in the video tutorial!

    I normally just stick to the good ol’ Google keyword tool, but this WordTracker tool looks way to awesome to ignore… especially since it’s free. :)

    I’m an internet marketing tool junkie, and it’s amazing what kind of amazing gems I find just by reading other people’s blogs. Thanks for sharing this Brankica!

    • Brankica says:

      Hey Elise, you are welcome :)

      I learned (through building that static website) that you can’t completely rely on Google alone. They are affected by advertisers and it is great practice to use some additional tools. I think Wordtracker is one of the best (if not best) keyword research tool, but a bit pricey for beginners that are not making a lot of money with their blogs.

      Still, free tool is pretty good and as long as it is free – why not use it :)

  5. Hi Brankica,

    I bet you are talking about me :) . I don’t do any of the four things you have mentioned. Chrome is my default browser but Firefox has many addons to play around with. Thanks for introducing me this addon. I will be checking it out.


    • Brankica says:

      Lol, if you are not doing it then the post is about you :)

      I have heard that Chrome is a great browser and that it has a bunch of add-ons but I can’t make myself leave Firefox. I have been using it for so long, and have so many add-ons that it just makes my online life so much easier.

  6. Thanks for saving me a ton of time going into GA every time I write a post. Sometimes I have an idea and I’m not sure what keywords to use, so this will definitely help.

    • Brankica says:

      Glad you found it useful, the best part is that you can actually look at words and search for them as you write.

  7. Well Hello there Brankica,

    What a valuable and extremely helpful post you got for us there :) . Thank YOU!

    It’s funny but I came across this tool last week and have had it open in one of my tabs since then. I even downloaded it and installed it but since I’ve been using Chrome a lot more these days, I haven’t gotten around to trying it yet. This is just the extra push I needed to start using it soon (very)!

    Believe it or not I’ve never done any keyword searching yet when writing my posts! SO bad – I know! You’re frowning at me. But I just start writing and then that’s it. I think of a title I like (one that would capture my audience – so it’s often more creative than it is functional) and the texts start to flow.

    Working on SEO was one of my resolutions for this year – so I hope I’ll be smart enough to start giving it the importance it surely deserves. I think I would greatly benefit from doing this.

    Thanks for including the video – the accent is fabulous and just as I thought it would be :) . And you’ve done a great job of simply explaining how it works.

    Have a great day

    • Brankica says:

      Ingrid, thanks for the comment :)

      I haven’t done much KW research on this blog either. But if we wanna have more visitors, we will have to.

      I also have an idea about the post, can’t really find the KW that would fit so I just write it. Having some SEO experience with the other site, I know how important it is, but it is just pain in the tail and it is so much better to write without them :)

      I do the same thing when I want to try stuff out, I keep it open in a new tab, keep my computer on for days so I don’t just bookmark and forget. Usually, once I do try the thing out, I am sorry I didn’t do it sooner, lol.

  8. Name deleted per commenting policy says:

    Great advice, I have been using Google’s tool but I will definitely try this as well.

  9. Great add-on, Brankica – I hope more of your readers will start using it, especially if they are not using anything right now.

    By the way, LOVE all the changes you are slowly making to your site; including your new “notes”!


    • Brankica says:

      Ana, thanks so much. And thanks for the notes code :)

      I love it so much and it is adding to branding my blog so much. Also, as you see I am redesigning it and I am loving every minute of it. Thanks for the comment and I also hope people will start using the tool. Everyone loves free stuff so why not…

  10. Thanks for sharing a add-on, keyword research is something that you have to work on and it becomes more handy when you are in affiliate marketing because you have to convert each and very visitor into a sale.

    One can also use common keywords but the disadvantage with these common keywords is that Google Ads CTR is low and you are not able to make money as much as good top leywords pay you

    • Brankica says:

      Vivek, so true.
      It is also very hard to find less general words that fit well but once we do, we should optimize for SE. I have noticed more than once that some bloggers don’t do keyword research at all. And as much as it is great to write for people, there is still room to do some SEO.

  11. Way to go Brankica, that was an excellent find. It may not be as good as Market Samurai but it’s a whole lot better than not using any keyword research at all.

    In fact, because it’s so easy to use I reckon there may be some MS users who will occasionally use it rather than firing MS up for every post.

    • Brankica says:

      You know, even if you use other tools, it is still cool as a counter so you know if you are over-doing it with your keywords. I mean I love these tools and if it saves me money, time or effort it is good enough :)

  12. Very nice job in explaining this one. I didn’t know Firefox could do that kind of thing with WordPress blogs. I’m going to have to think seriously about this one; thanks for sharing the information about it.

    • Brankica says:

      Hey Mitch, you can always try it and if you don’t like it, just deinstall it.

  13. Hi Brankica,
    Well done – it’s so much more interesting and enticing to follow a video with voiceover than reading a text. Lovely to hear your voice.
    I absolutely need to start keyword focus and will try the plug in tomorrow.

    • Brankica says:

      Glad you liked it, Julia.
      This is my first video with the voiceover and I was a bit worried. But I do plan to do many more since I know many people like learning through video instead of just reading. Also, if it is a tutorial it is way better to make a video.

  14. Dennis Edell@Direct Sales Marketing says:

    Hi Brankica,

    A tip from Sire brought me here; good stuff all around!

    While I’ve all but given up on KW research myself, who knows, maybe i’ll look at one m,ore tool..although I am using Vista as well.

    I’m also subscribed, let’s see what else ya got. ;-)

  15. Okay I’m sold. I just installed the plug in and will use this next time I write an article.

    Excellent tool has helped me a lot to develop my business objectives,SEO and traffic in general, congratulations and keep working.

  16. I haven’t heard of this tool before, neat. You touched upon keyword density too which is important. Thanks for the review.

    • Brankica says:

      I am surprised that there are many people that haven’t heard of this one. But then again, I am glad I can act smart now, lol.

      I just hope it will help bloggers get a bit more serious about their posts :)

  17. Seems like a very handy tool Brankica!
    Specially since my MS trial just ended.
    Best of all, it’s working on my custom-coded site script. I was getting
    hopeless of ever finding a good plugin that didn’t require WordPress!

    Thanks for sharing!

    • Brankica says:

      Amr, glad you liked it. I am sure you will be able to put it to good use :) Firefox is THE thing, lol

  18. This is great! I wasn’t aware of this information. Thanks Brankica for sharing!


  19. Hi Brankica,
    I have used the word tracker for keyword research, it works good. Presently I am using Google Adwords tool and its search results are amazing.

    • Brankica says:

      Hey Anusha, welcome to my blog and thanks for the comment ;)

      I don’t think that highly of Google keyword tool because I have learned that it is very affected by their advertisers. Wordtracker paid tool is incredible, but even the free version is better that Google, at least compared to some sites I ranked using different keyword research tools.

  20. This is a great add-on I agree. Also, Google’s keyword suggestion tool is quite helpful. With it, you are able to identify an estimate global search volume and competition level for any keyword you are researching.

    Since researching the keywords you are going to target is crucial to the SEO process, I would encourage everyone to really take your time to determine which keywords will bring you the most traffic over time

    Best of luck in 2011 with all things SEO!


    Andrew Hagan

    • Brankica says:

      Thanks for the comment, Andrew, and I agree that everyone should do some keyword research.

  21. Great tool heard a lot about it but dint knew it would count how many times have you used a keyword in your post now its time to try it out that will help in the keyword stuffing thing as you mentioned

  22. I installed it and thought to write a post about Backup Software For Android Phones but it doesnt give any result for this but google keyword tool shows result now how can we use it to track the keyword stuffing in the post text

    • Brankica says:

      Not sure how you can track it if the tool isn’t showing the word. I have never used a word that doesn’t show up in Wordtracker tools because that usually means there is no demand for it. I don’t completely trust Google Keyword research tools because they are a bit dependent on their ad program.

      • Yup but still if the post is about that like free backup software for android title should be the same so that the readers wont think betrayed by the title,I have seen many blogs where title says something different but when I actually read it the post is about something else,hmmm lets see with the passage of time while using the tool will learn how to manage both ways

  23. Hi!
    This tool looks really promising, only problem is it doesn’t seem to work with versions of Firefox greater than 3. Now that Firefox 5 is out, and I’m getting used to it, I’m not even considering going back to 3.
    So… any alternatives that you know about? Any clue if this is gonna be updated anytime soon?

    • Brankica says:

      I stopped using FF some time ago, after crashing it with too many plugins. I am not the developer of that extension, but I am sure if you go to the developer’s page they could tell you if they are going to update it any time soon :)

  24. hat is a really neat add-on. I would think it can really help with writers block as you write as well as research. The added feature to calculate keyword density is also very cool.
    Thanks Brankica