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On 11/29/2012
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Not worth your time for now.

The idea of PostJoint appealed to me at first, great for any blogger – you list your site, people offer you great blog posts, you tell them what will it cost them to post it on your site and they either accept or not.

Great opportunity to make some extra cash, right.

However, the site is far from ready to be used by a mass of bloggers.

The only thing I actually like about it is the idea behind it. However, the execution is far from perfect.

No editing

You can not remove your site once you add it. Sucks, because you may want to take your site off so you don’t get crazy and unrelated offers!

Like the ones I received for my fitness blog, one about growing weed and one about enlargement of man parts!

When I asked the support how to remove my site, they said there is no possibility and “you should just ignore the offers”. I would, but I could not find where I could turn off  receiving email notifications about new offers!

No fee offers

I received a bunch of offers that had “no fee” in the title. Which means the author will not pay you to get his post published. He wrote it and is offering the post for free.

I actually ran into a discussion on their site about this, where people were upset about being charged to post a blog post. Uuum, wasn’t that the whole idea of the site?

Someone said “Why would I offer great content AND have to pay for it“? Because the content is not great, it is really just your average or below average blog post and you are on a site that was supposed to connect people with paid offers.

Bottom line, if there isn’t any money involved, why would you use anything else than a great guest blogging resource like My Blog Guest. You can’t go wrong with this one!


I once received a post, asked for a certain price and the offer was accepted. Then I received a message saying hey, I think the price should be this, with a lower number.  I asked support about this too and they said that accepting my offer was the only way to get the author to communicate with me and re-negotiate the price.

Why the heck would you have it set up like that? Why not just have a messaging system. Or a negotiating system. Or just something that makes more sense?

No contact

While at this issue, you really can not see anyone’s “profile” or feedback. You can not contact anyone. It is either take it or leave it, I guess :)

No idea about the post

Some of the posts I received had a bio with links, some had a bio with no links. You can see the excerpt of the post. And that is all.

You can not see the rest of the post (which is OK and common practice), but you also can not see if the post has links in the content, where are those links going and so on. Sure, you can always refuse the post after the deal is confirmed but isn’t that a waste of time…

On My Blog Guest, for example,  you either see the link in the bio, or there is a note attached telling you there is an in-content link going to a certain page. Much better, IMO.

Account cancellation

The same way there is no way to remove your site, you can not remove your account. So you have to contact support to get them to remove it manually.

Which in my case, took two tries…

Bottom line

The main idea behind this site is what I liked (the only reason it didn’t get only 1 star). However, it seems to be taking a turn to a no-fee posting which makes it no different than guest blogging sites that have been around for awhile and which I don’t want to leave for a developing one.

I hope they manage to fix the things that are not available, like site editing/removal and messaging system. Overall, I would say Nah, wait for awhile to use it since for now, I don’t think it will bring you much money.

 Note: I’ve been told they addressed  these issues since this review so they may have fixed the things I didn’t like.

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  1. While it’s not perfect yet, I think PostJoint has some real potential and the owner has been very receptive to a lot of suggestions I made to them in the beginning. What I really like about the service is that I don’t have to publicly list my blog – I’d rather get crappy offers rolled up into one daily digest vs. crappy offers sent direct to my inbox individually like the one guy who is automating about 5 – 6 totally off base “guest posts” through my contact form on a daily basis (and never responds to his emails). And I don’t have to deal directly with the ones who get annoyed when I tell them I’m not interested. :)
    Kristi Hines recently posted..$10 eBooks from ProBlogger for 10 Days OnlyMy Profile

    • I think the potential is there, I mentioned I love the idea. But the reason you mention about inbox, I am all for it, I even removed my contact form for the same reason.
      I do think there should be a way to edit sites because “ignore the offer” is the last solution I would give in this case, since you get the email about the offer and it sits there in your dashboard, there should be a way to remove them as well.
      Thanks for the comment, I hope they go with the original idea and grow it into a paid sort of My Blog Guest
      Brankica recently posted..PostJoint Review – NahMy Profile

  2. Hi Brankica,

    Thanks for the write up and glad to hear that you like the concept. Your review fails to mention that we only opened up in Sept 12, that we are in the earliest stages of beta, its free for everyone to participate right now, and that we already working on most the points you raise here. Our blog post highlights this:

    About closing your account, we did address this straight away, but you still received an email from the system for a complex technical reason, and once you notified us, we addressed it straight away.

    We’ve had overwhelming positive feedback from hundreds of users and its only going to get better :)

    • Thanks for the comment, Saleem, I am glad to see you grow although I hate to say it, but when you launched doesn’t mean much to those who join and get disappointed with the lack of options. I am sure you will address them all as you grow and become better every day.

      Re the account closing, it wasn’t the email that was the issue, it was the fact that I got an email from your support that the account was closed but it wasn’t. I logged back in the next day when I was checking if it was. But I believe it is resolved now.

      Thanks and wish you great luck with this project, you have a great idea there.
      Brankica recently posted..PostJoint Review – NahMy Profile

  3. Hi Brankica, thanks for the write up on PostJoint. While I have not heard about it before reading this post, I’m glad I read your article first. I think I’ll sit back and wait for things to improve and see what improvements are made before jumping on board. Thanks.
    Stephen recently posted..British Heart Foundation Recommends You Do It “Hard & Fast”My Profile

  4. Hi Brankica, like you I like the concept but I don’t care for situations that I lose the control regarding leaving a network. The idea of operating and communicating in what a call a ghost mode with the person who wants to place the content on your site is not good enough in my opinion. Too many missing pieces. However with time the owners of PostJoint hopefully will work out the kinks like other startups. With input from those wanting to use PushJoint from either end if they care things will get better. Thanks for sharing.

  5. I’ve tried PostJoint before and the idea was great! One thing that bothers me is that the links on the content and the bio, I think there’s a better way to check the links before accepting it. What do you think?
    Sanjay recently posted..A Guide to Freelancing Online for Additional IncomeMy Profile

    • Sanjay – we are working on a better system to preview all outbound links before an offer is made. You can see a full list of the planned improvements at the link below:

  6. That\’s cool! Looking forward to that :) Thanks for the reply!
    Sanjay recently posted..20+ Free Responsive Themes CollectionMy Profile

  7. Hey Brankica. Just to let you know that we’ve released a whole bunch of improvements and would love for you to check them out!