Mind Blowing New BB2 from Site Build It!


blockbuilder2I’ve been using and recommending Site Build It! for as long as I can remember and the main reason is that building a successful business was always easy with them. Heck, I built my first site with them before even knowing what HTML was.

However, there have been many discussions over what is better – a website or a blog. And a lot of people argued that WordPress blogs look better because of different themes and the easy visual editor for creating posts.

Well, Site Build It just released a new builder and, as one of the testers, I can tell you it rocks more than I could ever imagine. And yes, it totally beats WordPress :) As one of the testimonials from the testers says:

“CLUNK (the sound of a jaw dropping and hitting the desk)! You have reinvented the wheel and made it a whole lot rounder so we can go a whole lot faster.”
~ Yoko & Geoff from 50plus-fitness-walking.com

So I’ve tried it and loved it. It is all drag and drop but here is the great part, you can do whole design with drag and drop, page elements, images, links, everything is so easy to do and it is completely visual. So you see how your page will look, as a whole, while you are making it.  You can even drag whole page elements from one place to another. Not even WordPress has that!

You don’t want to take my word for it? Please look at this video, it will blow your mind!

Here is one thing that you will probably like even better than not having to learn HTML, CSS or Javascript – you won’t have to learn much of SEO. Site Build It comes with SEO tools (amazing ones if I may say) and teaches you how to do it. And you will never have to worry about forgetting certain elements of SEO or messing it up, cause guess what? One of the tools that comes with your package is the page analyzer that tells you if you over did it with your keywords and if you forgot to include them somewhere.

I could go on and on about this new ($3.5 million update that you get for free) block builder, but I would really love for you to see it for yourself, it will be enough for you to like it. If you want to get right to the meat of it, just hop over to see BB2 features.

Few of the things I personally like about the new BB2 are:

  • copying the document from Microsoft Word will keep the formatting;
  • reusable blocks, because I love having those in sidebars and pages, until now I kept those codes in text files (I still do for my WP blog, lol);
  • aligning images with text and even keeping them all in one “container” so you can drag them around if you want…

The new BB2 just made it so much easier to create a full blown, professional looking website without knowing any code.


It is easy for me to brag about all the new features cause I got the whole thing for free. Yes, SBI users get all updates and releases for free. The price of SBI never increases, no matter what they add to it :)

BTW, I like it so much that I plan to dump the whole CSS template on the new site I am building and just use this amazing BB2!

So check out the new Block Builder 2 and let me know what you think!?

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  1. Sounds wonderful Brankica!

    I had been reading about it, mainly on your blog, but just saw this wonderful video about it. I loved the fact that they were just lifting things from the left sidebar and putting it up to create such a quick post out of it. The healthy food site seemed ready in a jiffy!

    However, isn’t this something we use within WordPress, or is it something we have to purchase? But then what happens to our WP blog, or can it be used within our blog? Where have you used this – here on this blog? Just curious to see the results and differ them from the normal WordPress posts.

    But yes, I loved the features shared for sure. Thanks so much for letting us know about it. :)

    • Brankica says:

      I am still in awe with that feature, especially that I’ve been playing with it, since I tested it before the launch. You can’t use it with the WP blog, it is the builder that goes with you making a site using Site Build It. It comes with their package but can’t be used on WP. As far as what happens with your blog, you can keep the blog and build a site on their service and integrate it for example, I have one site with them where I integrated a WP blog. I don’t have to tell you that it is much better and easier to make money with SBI and I only use the WP part as a support tool, SEO and a few other things can’t really compare.

      I don’t have a live site built with BB2 yet, I only had the testing one which isn’t live but as soon as I build one with this I will let you know, I need to build some new pages, lol

  2. Hey Brankica,

    I have no doubt that they will continue to improve their site. I think it’s continued to improve since the first time I was introduced to their service. I’ve never built any sites with their programs because I chose to just purchase the software and teach myself how to build my own site. I don’t like the fact that I have to depend on their service from this day forward with a monthly fee. My hosting is all I have to worry about and I need it for my blogs anyway.

    But, I can see where it would be convenient for a lot of people who chose not to go that route. I know you have been speaking highly of them for awhile now. So glad you are enjoying this new feature.

    Thanks for sharing and enjoy your week.


    • Brankica says:

      Actually you don’t depend on their service, you are basically paying for the tools and hosting. However, the package cost is way lower than paying for a WP blog with all the tools we use. You are paying for the same reason you pay for a blog, except the sites are always online and nothing ever breaks (unlike WP blog). Any time you want to move from their package, you just need to take your stuff and move it somewhere else, lol. But bottom line they give you a lot more for the money than you get when you do it on your own. With this new BB2 I don’t think anything in WP world can compare.

      • So does that mean you’ll be moving all your blogs over? I’ll be curious to know how that goes.

        • Brankica says:

          You mean moving this blog to SBI?

          • Yes. I was just wondering if it’s a better equipped program then wouldn’t that be the next step?

          • Brankica says:

            This blog is different from the sites I have on SBI. I actually use this blog as a testing platform for WP, also compare how the stuff I learn from SBI can be applied to a WP blog and how much it depends on the tools. I actually was close to moving it to SBI twice, but just decided to keep it as the testing ground for all that. But I have moved blogs to SBI before, and it was a smart move cause they take much less time to maintain and end up being more of the passive income and less a hassle.
            And yes, I do consider WP blogs a hassle a lot of the time :)

  3. Hi Brankica, I’ve never built a website before, only WordPress and Blogger blogs. This is just the kind of tool I need to give me the incentive to go for it. Looks like I could have a site up in no time and the drag and drop features look super simple. Thanks for sharing.

    • Brankica says:

      You are more than welcome, I am still in kind of shock to see how easy it is to drag elements around lol, making parts of text into sidebars and vice versa. Just the toy I needed :)

  4. If someone will do all the SEO instead of me it is really worth of thinking. This sounds really good.

  5. I’m just curious because someone I know is thinking of SBI and read that there were delays for the new BB2..

    Has it been released yet? And is it true they had delays?

    Also, are you going to transfer this site to SBI BB2? I would love to see it in action.


    • Brankica says:

      I’ve been on vacation for a few weeks so haven’t checked how far the roll out is, but all new customers get BB2 straight away. The delay is with people who have sites with several hundreds of pages, they were the last one to get it. It is a big update so it is done in stages which is good because of the possible bugs that always happen when tech is involved. But as I said, if she is a new customer, she gets it from the get go.
      I won’t be transferring this site to SBI, BB2 or not, I have other SBI sites and this is my WP testing ground, if I got rid of it, how would I write about WP :)