JustRetweet – Yay or Nay?


I’ve always had great success with Twitter and at times, it is my biggest traffic source. It is great to create connections and stay updated with industry news.

Such a big site, which is definitely one of the industry favorites, has a lot of business trying to fight for the market, so you can find hundreds of tools to help you grow the following, schedule tweets, manage your accounts and so on.

I ran into one of those recently and wanted to share a few tips about using it with you. I am talking about JustRetweet here.

What is JustRetweet

JustRetweet is a service that lets you pay for others to RT your posts and at the same time you can collect points by retweeting other peoples’ content.

How much will it cost

Technically, you do not need to buy any points with money, you can just collect them and then turn around and use them to send your message out.

If you do want to spend money on it, here are the prices:

justretweet price

Don’t blindly retweet

I retweeted several posts but I checked every one before doing that. You don’t want to randomly tweet links without knowing what is behind them, because you can be surprised!

For example, here is a screenshot of two tweets, same person, same site, that pays 60 points for a retweet. That is a pretty high price, most tweets I’ve seen are between 15 and 30 points.

bad justretweet example

I checked it out and landed on a newly launched site, pretty much with no content, with a pile of I would say affiliate links. No way you want to retweet that!

The good

I ran into some blogs I’ve never seen before, that are very nice. One of those examples, I just had to share on my Facebook page because it was great:

Big fault

I have to say I didn’t see a lot of people on it. It is same 15 people or at least it appears like that to me after two days. Unless a lot more join and start using it, I don’t see the point because you will have the same 3-5 people retweeting your posts and you will be retweeting the same few.


Give it a go - JustRetweet. I am not sure if it will grow to some significant size but you never know, you can at least connect with a few users that are using it. If you write your tweet nicely and offer enough points for retweeting it, you may be lucky enough to use other peoples’ following to grow your readership.

Make sure to send the traffic to a very good informational page and you won’t have to worry about anything.

I am wondering, have you tried JustRetweet yet? 

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  1. I think JustRetweet works pretty well – I’ve gotten some good response for the tweets I’ve set there before. There are other services where the credits cost less, but you have to offer a lot more to get people to tweet your stuff. As far as spammy / suspicious links, they have less than other networks too.
    Kristi Hines recently posted..50 Essential Tools I Use For Blogging and Freelance WritingMy Profile

    • I haven’t used others for a long time now, but the only reason I tried this is because I had the same feeling, that it looked much better than when you normally land on similar service. Especially when I saw you and a few other bloggers I like there, it totally made me give it a go. I do plan to use it in future, I just hope more people join :)
      Brankica recently posted..How to Send an Autoresponder That Your Subscribers Will LoveMy Profile

  2. JustRetween works well for me when I am promoting my giveaway :) However, if your points are too low, no one will promote your posts.
    Robert recently posted..33+ Creative WordPress Themes That Will Blow Your Mind AwayMy Profile

    • I agree. I would not put it too low either, but I hope people don’t start tweeting stuff just for the points, lol. I haven’t tried any giveaways there but that is a great idea, I am definitely going to use it :)

  3. Hi Brankica,

    I’ve been using JRT for a little over a month now and so far I think it’s worth it. It’s helped me get a bit of momentum going for getting RT’s for my new blog posts. I’ve also connected with some great people who found me through JRT, including a some influencers with fairly large Twitter followings.

    I do agree with you that there aren’t many people on JRT as of yet. I go there to RT a few time’s a week and I always see the same people and the same Tweets. Not sure why that is when the site seems to have some decent traffic.

    And yes, it’s a good idea to check the links before you RT. I always do too and I’ve come across some less than retweetable sites.

    Thanks for sharing your insight on JRT. I appreciate it!


  4. I have used JustRetweet and it seems to be pretty good. Kind of have to play around with the numbers to make sure you’re not spending all your credits, but fairly good to jumpstart your RT’s. The prices are pretty reasonable. Although you got to keep in mind that a lot of people just RT so they can get credits for themselves. What do you think about easyretweet dot com

    • I agree on the points and all. I retweet for credits but only after I check the post and make sure it is worth retweeting. I haven’t tried that one, I may check it out.

  5. JRT sounds great and useful tool. Is there a free version to try out first? I would love to
    try it.

  6. Brankica,

    Update on easyretweet dot com. Seems to be working fine however the same people just keep retweeting your post. Which kind of sucks, but can use it to get followers, along with JRT, Viral Content Buzz, and of course Twiends. But, actively engaging people in your niche seems better than just getting a bunch of retweets. All and all, I try not to put all my eggs in one basket.

  7. Hey Brankica,

    I’ve been introduced to it but have yet to try it. I don’t know, I have enough on my plate right now. I guess I could always use more followers and shares, heck who couldn’t. Just haven’t checked it out yet although I’ve been invited numerous times.

    I appreciate your honest review on this though. I can always guarantee that you’re going to give me the goods on any product, service or site so thank you for that.

    Hope you and the kids have a great weekend.

    Adrienne recently posted..Are You Making These Twitter MistakesMy Profile

    • You know I was away for a long time, I am getting reintroduced to it all, haha. I didn’t use these types of sites before so it is a nice thing to try out, but of course, I always forget to actually use it enough to make a difference for my site :)
      Hope you have an awesome weekend too!