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Did you know you can actually generate traffic from Flickr?

No, I am not talking about putting your blog’s link in your profile and hoping people will click on it.

I am talking about getting much more than just one link (that no one will ever see, anyway).

I used this “strategy” from time to time on some of my sites, and it works like a clock.

I would say that, in this case, there are two ways to generate traffic from Flickr.

One will work for everyone. The other one can work for everyone, but it will work better if you are in a niche.

Flickr Traffic Strategy #1 – works for any type of blog

Every blogger likes to have great images to go with their posts. Flickr is a great source of those.

With their Creative Commons search you can find images to use for free on your blog, as long as you attribute the original source.

A lot of people use images without linking back to the source. If you use Flickr you should link back, but you can always make the link no-follow, so it’s not such a big deal.

A nice thing to do would be to credit the author as well. It doesn’t cost you anything to do it, so why not.

credit author of image

Well, there is one extra thing you need to do to make all this work for traffic generation. Cause linking to Flickr and crediting author still doesn’t do anything for you, right?

Go back to the image, make a comment and link back to your blog.

Write a comment like you would on a blog post. Make sure it is not something like “Cool pic”. Tell author why you liked his image.

Most comments on images are something like “wow”, “what a pic”, “nicely done”. Make your comment stand out!

Then tell him/her you used the image in your blog post and link to it to show them how you used the image.

Some might say that they don’t see the point since all links from Flickr are no-follow, but don’t forget we are talking about traffic here.

If you want to milk it even more, search for popular authors that update their profiles often. Usually, their images are visited more. Choose one of their photos that will fit in with your post and do the comment+link thing.

So how does this work for traffic generation?

People are curious. They will see a comment that is different. If you linked a great title to your blog post in the image comments, they often click to check it out.

It is something like seeing an interesting post title among all those CommentLuv links in blog comments.

What happens a lot of times as well, is that the author will come to check out what you did. They love seeing how people use their images.

Aren’t you glad you credited them properly? Because when you do something nice with their image, they will often link to your post in their portfolio (usually on a blog somewhere). I guess that is a double win for you.

Flickr Traffic Strategy #2 – works better for niche blogs

This one is similar since it includes links under images too, but it might work better for people that are in a niche.

This way of traffic generation includes your own profile and images.

Let’s say you are blogging about dogs. You have a dog or two of your own and you take a lot of great photos of them.

There are many dog websites that will always be on the lookout for great dog photos.

So upload your images to Flickr. If someone likes it, they will use it on the blog. A visitor (dog lover) will see the image, go to check it out on Flickr and what does he see there…

Under your image you will add a description where you can write something about the image and put a link to your blog. Something like “This is my female pit bull Bonnie. For more Bonnie photos you can visit my blog“.

More photos equal more links that will bring more visitors.

Why I think that this will work better in a niche is that it’s not easy to get targeted visitors to a traffic generation blog through a photo of your backyard. For a gardening blog, however, this would work great.

I don’t even have to mention how important this type of linking and traffic would be for a blog focused on photography.

Extra tip

Let me try and make this work for bloggers that are not in a niche! Since you are not blogging about a topic that can have targeted images, how about being creative?

Let’s say you wrote a blog post about 3 reasons why bag ladies would make excellent bloggers. You use a bag-lady image from Flickr and do all the linking and crediting the right way.

If you go back to Flickr and make a comment along the lines of: “Jane, I love the photos you posted here. Although I love colors, I found this black and white image of yours so interesting. I even used it on my new blog post 3 reasons bag ladies would make excellent bloggers. Thanks for the inspiration.” Of course, you would put a link back to your blog here.

Simple question – would you click on the link to see what the h… bag ladies have to do with blogging!? I am hearing Yes in echos.

As you can see, all it takes is a few extra minutes of your time and you can bring new, fresh traffic to your blog.

It won’t bring a thousand of visitors after commenting on one image, so don’t think of this as a magic button (no magic buttons in traffic generation). As always, you will need to work for each one of your visitors, but if even one of them becomes a regular reader, don’t you think you’ve accomplished something?

Note that this will bring more of a quality than quantity traffic. 

Keep in mind that the same things you wouldn’t tolerate on your blog, Twitter or Facebook – are not tolerated on Flickr. So don’t spam people with comments and links, be genuine and make this work for you, not against you.

One last reason why you should try Flickr

Bloggers are always searching for new ways to generate traffic and get exposure.

Twitter is so over saturated, that you can see same old links tweeted for months. Facebook is getting close.

So how about finding new places to meet people and expand your circle of connections? Flickr is the place to do it. It is still relatively spam free. Not too many people are all over it for links and you can connect with new peeps.

Not only will you diversify your link sources, but you will create a whole new group of friends there. “Flickrers” (just invented this one, lol) are a friendly bunch and you can even get them to send you exclusive, one of a kind photos for your blog.

One of my experiences, after commenting on a photo I used, was contact from the author saying “If you ever need a specific photo, tell me, I will take one for you and send it“.

Final tips

With us searching all over the place for great but free images, wouldn’t you want to connect with people like those?

This was originally a guest post I posted awhile ago on another blog, but since the owner decided to just remove my links for no reason, I took it back and wanted to share it with you here. Pay attention what happens to your guest posts, not all bloggers are profesional nor do they have good intentions.

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  1. Zdravo Brankica
    Yep, you can also learn new languages on Flickr :-) After reading this post, I have been doing a little update to my Flickr account including adding you as my friend there. I have also uploaded a couple of pictures that I have actually used in my reviews, but never uploaded to Flickr. Now I have uploaded them and put on a link to my reviews. It will be interesting to see if it will for me too. Thank you for all the tips to Flickr Brankica.
    Thomas recently posted..Review of MA450i Earphones from RHAMy Profile

    • Glad you liked it, it works pretty good and the best part is that it is a new source of traffic if you haven’t used it before :)

  2. Now that is great information Brankica and I can’t believe that person did that to your guest post. Shame on them but since they screwed up, we benefited.

    I never thought about that because I’m not a big visitor or Flickr. I guess I get nervous about which photos I can do what with so instead of killing myself over it I just move on.

    I recently went through the Creative Commons search for something specific but never found what I wanted. I also never thought about commenting since I guess on most of the photos I find there aren’t any comments. Dah! You would think I would want to stand out and be different but I guess that one just went right over my head.

    Great idea though and I’m going to make a point of trying harder to find some good photos to use and implement what you shared.

    Thanks Brankica!


  3. Hi Brankica,

    I always use images from Flickr, and I had forgotten about leaving comments with a link to the post where the image was used. I was doing that for a while.

    I’ve never used flickr to upload pictures, but I can definitely see where that would be a useful way to generate traffic. Flickr is definitely a community for photographers.

    Good tip about keeping up on our guest posts, too. I’m sorry that happened to you.

    Stacy recently posted..A Sneak Peek…and Other News!My Profile

    • Hey Stacy, thanks for the comment and you live and learn right. I just don’t expect something like that from a blogger that considers herself “one of the big ones” I feel. But anyway, I am glad to be able to share it here because this is one of those unused tips that many miss so we that use it can benefit more :)

  4. Yes, that’s the real way to increase traffic. i knew it, social media can play a vital rule for us. Using flickr is best way to get real traffic and there is no spamming. flickr is a popular social media and most of the genuine people are use it. no fake, no spam guaranteed.
    Shanta D’suza recently posted..Five Great Tips To Increase Facebook Like And Facebook FanMy Profile

  5. Great post and great tips! Love love love the idea of using photos to generate traffic. It’s a win-win: exposure for them and exposure for you. It’s just another smart way to build relationships! Plus you get free photos and they are probably a lot more interesting than the usual stock photos you find. I need to hire an intern or something just do do the photo scouting, lol…. it’s the kind of thing I know I would do if I had more time.

    I also keep wanting to take my own photos for my blog but again, it’s mostly about time. I would have to write in advance enough so I can think about the photos, take it, edit it… mostly I can find a decent stock photo in five minutes. Plus it’s kind of hard when you’re writing about abstract things. If I was writing about my cats I’d have no problem :) Writing about search marketing… hm, not so inspiring, at least visually.

    Good stuff here for bloggers to really use!
    Carol Lynn recently posted..9 Ways The Photography On Your Website Is Making You Look Dumb (And How To Fix It)My Profile

    • Those are two problems I run into all the time :) wanting to search for images all day long, haha, and writing about abstract topics. Thanks so much for the comment.

  6. Hey Brankica,

    Great tips to attract traffic from Flickr. By implementing these tricks you’re not going to get huge traffic but yes interested people would visit on your blog. I regularly use Yahoo Answers to attract more visitors on my website and it’s actually working well. I get some targeted visitors, few of them actually becomes our clients now. So it’s certainly a great idea to attract targeted visitors only than huge number of irrelevant visitors.
    Aasma recently posted..Travel Portal DevelopmentMy Profile

  7. Hi Brankica,
    How are you?
    Excellent post and blog. We will definitely test out your Flickr suggestion.
    God bless

  8. Hi Brankica, I really loved your video. I never really took time to explore the networking aspect of Flickr before so I’m really glad you pointed that out. Any platform that offers groups can help us reach our target audience. Thanks so much for all of the step by step instructions for finding free images too!
    Ileane recently posted..The Three C’s of Your Blogging SuccessMy Profile

    • If I thought there will be one thing you will like about this, I knew it would be the networking :) Glad you liked it!

  9. Hi Brankica, This is brilliant! I use Flickr all the time for images but never thought to link back to my blog when using others’ pictures or uploading my own. You just carved out my day with going back and adding links to Flickr.

    I love your sample comment and how great that the photographer contacted you and offered to take more pictures.

    That is horrible about your guest post. I’m glad that you were able to publish this article here so I could read it. Thanks for sharing your awesome advice!
    Carolyn recently posted..Which Tablet is Right for You?My Profile

    • Thanks so much, glad you liked it and I definitely love this way of using Flickr, they have great photos to start with anyway.

      Oh by the way, if you really like a photo and it isn’t in Creative Commons over there, contact the author adn ask him to use it, they will let you 99% of the time and most of them won’t even ask for attribution!

  10. Hi Brankica

    What a great post I have never thought of generating traffic from images. Reading this and listening to your video of course it makes perfect sense.

    Wow like some of the others here I cannot believe someone would do that to your guest post. That is so unprofessional and out of integrity,

    Thanks again for the awesome ideas.

    Sue Price recently posted..Accountability Partners – Are they Necessary?My Profile

    • Hey Sue, thanks so much for the comment and I hope you can put this one to good use, it is really a different way to get traffic and for some it can make a very big difference.

  11. Hi Brankica
    I found my way over here from Adrienne’s blog…..
    I have not used Flickr before but it sounds like a great way of generating more traffic so I will take a look at it. I am sorry you had a bad experience, hope it does not happen to anyone again.
    Thanks for sharing, have a great day
    Pauline recently posted..JV Giveaways & List Building TipsMy Profile

    • Hey Pauline, glad you found my blog and hope you will come back often. I like Flickr for their amazing images, and when I can put together pretty and useful it makes it even better :)
      Brankica recently posted..PostJoint Review – NahMy Profile

  12. Great info Brankica, I haven’t been on Flickr for ages, I think I’m password fatigued. I should try it again after reading this. I like how you gave us different ways to use it too. And Yahoo answers – another place I have not been on in ages. Thanks for sharing this info with us all.
    Lisa recently posted..Pinterest App Makes It Easy To Pin Than Post At That Other PlaceMy Profile

  13. Brankica,

    you motivated me to go and visit Flickr. It is too much to learn online so it is an impossible task to be up to date with everything. But now Flickr is definitely on my list! Thanks.
    Margarita recently posted..Every Human Being Wants To Succeed – Part 2My Profile

  14. Hi Brankica,

    That’s a win-win advice ;) I can see how it can work for generating traffic or building new relationships from Flickr. Anyway finding relevant images never be easy, right? ;)

    Sometimes the ones who accept this idea may start spamming on Flickr images, which end up having a bad reputation and may claim the idea doesn’t work at all. So need to be himself/herself and interact with ‘em, but not just to get them to our blogs, right? ;)

    Thanks for nice tips on traffic generation via Flickr dear :)

    Mayura recently posted..How to Add Google+ Followers Gadget in BloggerMy Profile

    • oh, you know…there will always be spammers and those that say something doesn’t work. There are many people saying Clickbank doesn’t work and at the same time, other people make fortune there. The point is, if you do stuff right and smart and put some effort in it – everything can work :)
      Welcome to my blog, by the way!

  15. Thanks very much for this, Brankica – I already use a lot of Flickr images and I especially like your tip about putting a comment on Flickr with a link back to your blog – I’ll be trying that, for sure. A win-win strategy, as you say – many thanks!

    Sue Neal recently posted..3 Keys to Attracting TONS of Great Blog Comments (Lessons from a Dancing Dog)My Profile

  16. Appreciate for bringing new idea to generate traffic and sharing it with everyone.

    Like everyone I think with Flickr we can only give link in description and that`s the end. Thanks for nice shareup.

    Khaja moin recently posted..Why Offline Marketing is Still Best Choice to Generate LeadsMy Profile

  17. Hey Brankica,
    Thanks for sharing these unique tips. I never thought that I may get traffic from Flickr,for that I don’t use flickr. Now I am going to implement your tips. Hope it will give some traffic.
    Istiak Rayhan recently posted..Speed Up & Secure Your WordPress Blog With CloudFlare Free CDNMy Profile

  18. Hi Brankika,

    I recently started checking into Flickr because I noticed that some of the most awesome pictures posted in Pinterest came from Flicker. I did a little investigating and decided I would start using it for my blog images. When I saw the Alexa ranking of #47, that caught my attention! I like the fact that by using Flickr images, we can attract quality traffic. This is an excellent post and you’ve given me some great ideas which will make using Flickr easier for me than hit and miss. Tips on commenting, giving credit, and joining groups are very helpful. Thanks!

    Raena Lynn
    Raena Lynn recently posted..Trim And Focus. Do You Need 5 Staplers On Your Desk?My Profile

  19. To be honest these are two great tips on how to use Flickr to generate traffic. I was aware of the second one where you put your link under the image. But the first one is quite a good one. I think the idea is quite unique and should work for all types of blogs. I will try it out. Thanks for this.
    Shalu Sharma recently posted..Pangong Tso LakeMy Profile