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click to tweetI’ve seen a lot of people using Click to tweet feature, where you create a tweet, enter it on their site and you get a short link as your “click to tweet”.

So when you click on that short link, Twitter opens with a tweet ready to go out (the one you entered to create a short link).


Tweet: I love reading Online Income Star.
Go to, enter the tweet and create a shortlink.
Shortlink example:
You click on the shortlink, Twitter opens with your new status to post, saying “I love reading Online Income Star.”.

But why use a service you don’t control when you can create your own click-to-tweet.

Create a tweet:

Had no clue I can create my own click-to-tweet - – see this tutorial by @BrankicaU

Converting the text to an automatic tweet:

You will start with and then add your message. Make sure you replace spaces with %20.

So my message from above would look like this:

If you click on the link above, you will tweet the message I posted. But that looks just ugly so let’s work on it some more.

All I have to do is make it a link behind the anchor text, like this – Click to tweet. Clicking on that link, will get your status updated with the message from above.

How can you share it somewhere?

This is where click-to-tweet usually comes in, because with that short link, it is easy to share it. But you can do the same with this one too.

I went to and shortened the link I made to this, if you click it, you will still tweet the same message.

(The reason my link says is because I created a free custom shortener on bitly, but even if you don’t have one, it works the same, your link will just say bitly). 

Or if you are using Pretty Link Pro Plugin (download the free lite version), for example, you can create a link with your own domain, like this one Again, if you click on that one, you will tweet the same message.

You see how many options you have to create your own click-to-tweet… and besides using bitly, all the other options let you have complete control over your link without relying on services that you don’t control.

I hope you found this useful and if you did, please click here to tweet :)
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  1. I’ve never heard of this Brankica, that’s a pretty cool service.

    Branding you and having your own URL within the tweet is actually very smart. Leave it to you to share this cool service with us. Thanks for the introduction and explanation how this works. Huh!!!

    Adrienne recently posted..Why Google Is No Longer KingMy Profile

  2. I LOVE Click to Tweet. It’s a brilliant and simple way to get more shares for your articles. All blogs including mind get passive readers who read articles and leave because they don’t want to share the whole article. I’ve personally found Click to Tweet has helped increase shares of our articles as people prefer to simply tweet memorable quotes, stats etc within the article :)
    Siv Rauv recently posted..SocialMotus Launches Social Media Management Tool, Eclipses Competitors On Cost/Features RatioMy Profile

  3. Hi Brankica, you’re awesome! I used click to tweet for the first time about a month ago when I created an ebook, but I love how you showed a better way to do it. I have Pretty Link Pro so I can see how easy this is to set up.

    Thanks dear!!
    Ileane recently posted..How to Add a Featured Tab to Your YouTube ChannelMy Profile

  4. Brankica, This is so cool! I love how you showed us how to Click to Tweet, how to shorten with and how to personalize the Twitter shortener.

    I have a question, though. When and where would you use this? If you have Twitter buttons aplenty on your blog, would people be more likely to click on a blind link than a Twitter button? Do you use it any place else?

    I love, love, love this trick, I just need guidance where to use it.
    Carolyn recently posted..Facebook’s New Friendship Pages and FedEx AppMy Profile

    • It is new “fashion” to include quotes in your blog post and then get people to tweet the single quote from a post. Of course when they create the quote, it has the link to the post attached. So it doesn’t tweet “Post title URL” but rather “Quote from URL”.
      So you can create 5 different ones for a single post if you wanted. Something like a custom tweet. And like my example above, you would be tweeting the message I put there (Had no clue I can create my own click-to-tweet) instead of the post title.
      Hope this makes sense what is it used for the most.
      Of course it doesn’t even have to be a quote, it can be anything you want to create the custom tweet for that would not be a “normal RT” of the post.

  5. Hi Brankica,

    Really great blog post. I’ve only used the “click to tweet” feature once in one of my blog posts. I didn’t really notice too much of an increase in my tweets. But I”m not giving up. I plan on using this again in my up coming case study post. I’m hoping to see better results with it this time around. Thanks for sharing this with us. Hope you’re having a rockin’ weekend ;) .

    Ti Roberts recently posted..This REALLY disgusts me…(it’s time to STOP the madness)…My Profile