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On 12/20/2012
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Nice tool to enhance your social media presence.

2012. will definitely be remembered by all the SEO updates from Google that caused a lot of shift in the search engine results. Some positive, but a lot of negative as well.

Of course, everyone is trying to fix their optimization if it is broken or just badly done and using different SEO tools and services but there is still a lot of people who seem to be forgetting one of the factors Google is focusing on after the updates – social media!

Social media doesn’t come easy to many and when you look at how many sites and factors it includes, you kinda don’t even want to try it. It is definitely overwhelming.

Well, it doesn’t have to be that bad :) I personally love social media and feel like I am doing it right, but I do try to use any help I can get.

I just finished trying out a new tool for people like me, bloggers who are into social media, as well as running other peoples’ social media presence.

It is called BuzzBundle, and it is created by, same company who made SEO Power Suite. So let’s see what can you do with this tool.

Social Media Management

This is the first thing you will see when you install this tool. It is a social media management dashboard and it will let you run all your social media from one place.

First you create a persona.
BuzzBundle create persona


When you do, you can add unlimited profiles to the persona. You can also automatically create new social profiles using this tool, just add the username you want to use, a password and let the tool access your email (probably best to create a new email for this) so it can confirm the new profile creation.

You don’t have to create new profiles though, you can add the profiles that you are already using.


This tool has a cool feature like where you can select a pile of different sites to post on simultaneously.

Here is a current list of sites and options you have using them through BuzzBundle.

BuzzBundle social media options


You can add your site and keywords you want to follow to your BuzzBundle and it will pull in mentions of those keywords. To put this to use, you can follow your name, company name and main keywords, for example.

Then engage with people who talk about you.


You can set up different streams in your dashboard and engage with people who talk about you and your company.

BuzzBundle has standard options we are used to in other social media management tools – you can retweet, DM, reply, post an image and shorten your URLs.

Being active in conversations with people who talk good (or bad) about your company will make you stick out, which is a good thing, if you are promoting your company in a positive light.


Yes, I will mention competition again. You have to know what others are doing and learn from them, so you don’t waste your time on strategies that don’t bring results. Simply copy what they do and use it!

You can simply follow their social SEO strategy and learn from it. BuzzBundle let’s you see how your competitors are running their social media strategy.


It is pretty neat to keep all your streams in one window. You can arrange streams for blogs, forums, social networks and more, all together so they are easy to keep an eye on.

Extra features

Scheduling posts – probably my favorite feature in any management tool, BuzzBundle has it too.

Browser – while you are going through dozens of mentions of you on Twitter, blogs, Q and A sites, etc you may want to see the post in question in a browser. You don’t have to leave BuzzBundle, they have integrated browser.

Favorites – I am sure you are using favorite tweets to keep up with some of the messages, but now you can favorite more than just tweets. BuzzBundle lets you favorite any post you want.


This is the only “fault” I found with this software, since it is a bit pricey compared to others.

Now, there is a free version, and it has a lot of options, so you should definitely give it a go. You can see the comparison between the free and professional edition here.


Social media is one thing you should focus on in 2013. And we can use any help we can get, so try this tool out and let me know what you think about it!

Download here.

Note: this is a sponsored review and I have received a free copy of the software, but the opinion is all mine. 

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  1. So this is like HooteSuite on steroids? Do you think it is a lot better?
    Tom recently posted..Best Motivational Articles of the WeekMy Profile

    • I think it is different. I love Hootsuite and use it as my main tool, but BuzzBundle has tools that are more SEO-social media aimed, like checking on your competition, building a buzz about your business and so on. It is like the SEO tools that let you create multiple accounts to build links, this will let you build hundreds of profiles to create buzz about your business. So as a social management tool, it is pretty similar to any other, but it is the additional features that sets it apart.

  2. Let me check this one and compare to Hootsuite. Nice article share. Great post!