7 Awesome Blogging Ideas You Should Apply to Your Niche Blog NOW


coffee for bloggersYou’ve found  an amazing blogging tip, but there is no way that it will work in your niche? You’re constantly learning, taking notes, doing things, but you never get expected result? Why should you read this stuff when you can’t use it?

Because you can.

I have a blog about coffee and I am implementing these ideas all the time – ideas I pick up from people like Brankica, Darren Rowse, Brian Clark, Amy Porterfield, Lisa Irby. Stick around because today, I am going to show you how to use those must-follow tips the right way – the ones that will work for your niche blog.

#1 Connect with the RIGHT people

We hear this all the time:  You MUST connect with people -  your readers, clients and other bloggers . This tip is usually followed by: comment on other people’s blogs, share their content and make some friends as you go.

Most of us will start by making connections with people we are learning from. Further on, we will meet their friends and probably connect with them too. This is a great way to learn all about blogging, but are these connections going to help you grow your business? Probably not, and here’s why…

Maybe you have a blog about fashion. You can’t expect from a guy, expert in social media to leave awesome comment on your post about “How to wear high heels this season” (not even if you are good friends). It’s just not going to happen.

Forget about a retweet. Even if that person would like to help, he must protect his reputation. Sharing your post about high heels is not going to help.

Accept that not all connections are a perfect match and start making connections with the RIGHT people.

right company

The ones that are on the same page with you and share your passion. People who will gladly share your content with their audience.

#2 You Must Create a Brand

Yes, you have to brand yourself! If your first thought now is: What on Earth does this mean?!, I suggest reading Brand your blog and yourself and checking out the amazing Brand Identity Visualization concept done by Ameena Falchetto.

The main idea here is to try to define who you really are, what makes you stand out of the crowd and what do you have to offer to your audience.

Most websites about coffee are discovering a world of specialty coffees to their readers. They are following baristas contests and reviewing some exclusive coffee machines.

My goal is to help people enjoy the good old home brew coffee, in simple and affordable way.

I create and share recipes, and easy-to-follow tips. That’s my specialty.

And there is probably something in the fact most of my colleagues are men. We see and do things differently. And since we have different audience and different goals, we can have great time working together and supporting each other.

Branding yourself is an important step and you CAN use it in every niche.

#3 You have to listen to your readers

I know, it’s easy for them to say when they’re getting 100 comments each time they write a single word. The truth is that getting a feedback from your readers on a recipe you wrote can seem impossible.

But it’s really important to at least try doing it. Always ask your readers for their opinion, invite them to participate in some project or to take action.

If you don’t ask, you will not get it! Maybe this won’t work like a charm, but at least you’ll have better chances that someone will actually leave a comment or hit that share button. Darren Rowse wrote an outstanding post on this topic called: Who’s the Boss of Your Blog?, you might want to check it out.

#4 You have to get social

Is there a point in tweeting and sharing when no one retweets your content?! Yes, there is. If you want to get close to real people and keep them coming back to your blog, you must get social.

be social

Every Sunday I publish a post about best coffee deals and coupons for that week. Google needs 3 -4 days to index it and get it on one of the top 3 pages. And sometimes displays in on the first page weeks after the deals are gone. These deals only last 7 days!

So, each time I publish new post, I will use social networks to let my readers know that I have fresh deals ready for them. This is why social engagement with your readers is important. I don’t have to rely on Google to spread the news about my post.

#5  Learn to value your business

At the beginning, you may want to give away free stuff (ebooks, services, etc) in order to attract new visitors or clients. That’s ok, but, only if you are doing it right.

I like giveaways. And I like giving away free stuff to my readers. But I also offer coffee review services to companies who make or sell coffee.

The fact is that most companies will not give you their product or service for free just because you’re a very nice person (unless you are good friends, but that’s a different story).

They will send it because they expect you to promote their business. Since it will take your time, efforts, nerves and maybe few backlinks, there is nothing wrong to set a price or ask to get something in return.

#6 Learn how to treat Spam

Learn how to deal with spam and you’ll have more time to spend on some real work.

Create canned responses in your email to deal with spammy guest post submissions and link building offers.

Don’t spend too much time thinking if a comment on your blog is spam or not. If it feels like it the first time you read it, it most likely is.

#7 You need to work on your blog all the time.

My favorite tip ever. You really do. You don’t have to work more and more, you can work smarter. And there is always something your blog will need.

blogging hard work

If you want to reach your goals, this is the proven formula: work, work, do some learning, and than work a little bit more. Do it again tomorrow.

What I like are those “how to improve your blog” exercises. They help me stay both motivated and get my sh** done. Here are my three favorite guides:

1. 31 Days to Building a Better Blog 
2. Building Your Business with Content Marketing featuring Brian Clark (from DailySucessDeals.com)
3. 99 Tasks for Blog Improvement NOW (when you subscribe to this blog’s list)

All for now

Good luck! I hope this post will help you with implementing those “blogging tips” to your niche blog.

Because you can do it!

You just need to find the right people to learn from. Apply their knowledge to your business and always watch what they are doing. Hard work always pays off, and with their help your blogging experience will get a lot easier than you may think.

PS This is my first guest post ever. I would love to continue doing it, so please leave me a comment below to show your support ;)

Danijela regularly writes about all things coffee on her CoffeeStylish.com blog. She loves helping people solve coffee dilemmas and enjoy better coffee at home.  If grabbing a cup is your favorite way to start the day, stop by her blog on your next coffee break.
If you prefer Facebook, you can find her here.  

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  1. These are simple actionable tips that are essential for every blog. Spend more time doing than thinking about what to do.

    Congrats on your first guest post!
    Angie Nelson recently posted..Squidoo Tips From Amazon Affiliate Expert Erica StoneMy Profile

  2. Hi Danijela
    I visited your blog last week and love the fact that you are having a blog all about coffee. I found this guest post because Brankica posted a link on Facebook. I have been following and learning from Brankica a couple of years now. I guess that Brankica (and Lisa Irby too) goes to the category of people that I learn from and love to connect with, but are not going to share all my tech stuff posts. I think you are right that we need to find and connect with the right people in our own niche to get successful. Not there is anything wrong with the first category of people, but if we really want to get noticed and get our stuff out there in the big Internet, we need to find the right people that are passionate in our own niche too.
    For a first ever guest post I think you have done very well. You seem like a skilled blogger just like your sister. Don’t tell her I have said that ;-)
    Thomas recently posted..Review of MA450i Earphones from RHAMy Profile

    • Hi, Thomas, I am so glad that you like Coffee Stylish. It means a lot to me! As far as this blogging part, even though I am not an expert, I do work a lot, learn a lot and really trying to do my best. And so far, I am really satisfied with the result. This is probably the reason why I decided to write this post in the first place – to show others that hard work pays off and that we should be learning from these amazing bloggers. Thanks for stopping and for this beautiful comment. :)
      Danijela recently posted..Coffee on Sale This Week: Save BIG on K cupsMy Profile

  3. When I saw this was a guest post and you blog about coffee I knew instantly who was writing this one Danijela. Hey girl, great to see you over here at Brankica’s blog. So nice of her to invite you to come over and share all these awesome tips.

    You know you are so right! I keep telling people about this too when they ask me about approving a comment that they don’t feel so good about. This is your reputation and you have to ask yourself. Is this the person I want to build a relationship with because if it’s not then you just answered that question pretty easily.

    Same thing about sharing posts on the social networks. If it’s so off topic from what you normally post or share then you are only hurting yourself although your content rocks. For me personally, I’m not a coffee drinker so I wouldn’t even be able to share my opinion. I think it’s nasty! lol… Don’t shoot me okay!

    Great tips though Danijela and really wonderful post here. Great to see you again.

    Adrienne recently posted..A Big Fat Lie Bloggers Like To TellMy Profile

    • Really? No coffee for you at all Adrienne..!! How do you survive Mondays? ;-)
      Thomas recently posted..Review of System Mechanic 11.0 for WindowsMy Profile

      • Nope Thomas, I could never acquire the taste for it. It’s just really nasty to me no matter how much cream or sugar I added. I only drink water and nothing else. I laugh when people say they need to get their coffee to start their day. Hell, just get moving people! lol…
        Adrienne recently posted..A Big Fat Lie Bloggers Like To TellMy Profile

        • I used to like Nescafe back home, with a lot of milk and sugar. Then when I moved to USA, it just didn’t taste the same so I moved to Keurig brewed ones. Not bad, I just like the taste when mixed with milk and sweetener (moved away from sugar). I don’t need it to start the day but I just have this mental need, I guess that is how drug addicts feel, haha. I don’t really need it because I “live on” Monster drinks.
          But the best part is, thanks to my sister, I got to try a lot of great coffees, cause she is nice enough to share with me :) and she gave me this coffee (she had a giveaway for it just last week) that is the nicest thing in the world. I finally understood why people really enjoy coffee. It is so good that I don’t put anything in it, just drink it plain black and loooove it. It is like my daily fix, not for caffeine, but the taste!

          • I hear that there are so many different types of coffees now Brankica that you can try but I don’t want one that has tons of sugar or cream or fattening things in them to make them taste good. I’d rather stick with water even though it has no taste at all.

            I do hear that a lot of people are addicted to their morning cup though. I never want to be addicted to anything.

            You’ve got it made with Danijela giving you some to try out. Now that would be kind of fun actually. :-)
            Adrienne recently posted..A Big Fat Lie Bloggers Like To TellMy Profile

  4. It’s so nice to see you again too Adrienne. Thank you for the support, I really appreciate it. :)
    Danijela recently posted..Coffee on Sale This Week: Save BIG on K cupsMy Profile

  5. Like Thomas, I found this post via Brancikas Facebook. Its a great guest post you should come write for me. Lol.

    I agree with your sentiments about networking it is crucial for all bloggers. New or not. But a blog about coffee???? Jackpot love the idea the site and the unbridled enthusiasm.

    Missy recently posted..7 Ways To Use Small Business Saturday To PromoteMy Profile

  6. Danijela, these are great actionable tips! It’s so important to create a brand and find that one thing that makes you unique. Tip #7 is so important. Your work is never done, but is totally worth it if done correctly.
    Stephen recently posted..Pinterest Officially Launches Business AccountsMy Profile

  7. Great post Danijela. Not only have you covered most of the important elements that go into building a successful blog/brand/business online but you have provided hints, tips and resources to go about it. THAT is in itself another tip to building a solid blog. Write good content that links to other relevant and authority sites.

    I think above ALL of this is the important point to keep in mind that you need to take ACTION. It’s perfectly OK to suck at everything when you start – just so long as you start. Those who want to be perfect before they even attempt anything are the ones that never get anywhere – ESPECIALLY online.

    Oh, and Hi Brankica, long time no see :)
    Alex recently posted..The Video Marketing Handbook. Why Vid.E.O is the New S.E.O.My Profile

  8. I love your work Alex and getting this lovely comment is a huge success for me. :) BIG thanks, I really appreciate it.