How to Avoid Being a Nuisance with Online Marketing


Online marketing has become an industry unto itself. If you have a product that you’re willing to sell, somebody’s willing to sell you another product that supposed to tell you how to market your own product.

It’s important to remember that marketing is actually something that does require knowledge, some degree of education and, most certainly, sensitivity to your audience.

Marketing also requires real data, not reliance on outrageous claims.

Here are some of the things that online marketers commonly do that really serve to annoy their potential demographics rather than appealing to them and making them want to buy a product.

Claims of Altruism

There is absolutely nothing morally objectionable about selling something to make a profit. One of the most common and, in reality, irritating forms of advertisement claims that somebody selling a product is offering it just so they can make your life better.

This is obviously not true. They’re selling the product so they can make a profit and, provided the product is actually a good one, it would be hard to find someone who disagrees with the idea that the seller does deserve a profit if they put something good on the market.

Avoid claiming that, after you found out about this wonderful product, you just wanted to share it with the whole world. Nobody’s buying it, and it makes you sound like a huckster.

Buy this or Perish!

Disaster marketing has become a big trend on the Internet. It might be a flashing, irritating banner advertisement that tells you your computer is infected with a virus when there’s no way the advertisement could possibly know that or it may be trying to scare people into thinking that the wealth they have saved up in cash is suddenly going to be worth no money at all.

The problem with this type of marketing is a gets irritating and that, eventually, the fear factor stops being persuasive. People get burnt out on being scared. The old adage about catching more flies with honey than with vinegar happens to be true.

Email Marketing Scams

In a survey run by TechCrunch, consumers were asked what types of advertising they thought were the most effective. Four percent of consumers thought that email marketing was effective.

Asked the same question, only 5% of people professionally involved in marketing thought this form of advertising is effective.

Email lists can be useful, provided they offer something to the people who subscribe to them and provided that your name brand is one that they trust. Remember that, even if they did sign up for an email list, consumers oftentimes reflexively identify any advertisement they get in their email as spam.

Poor email marketing is always a nuisance.

Get Help

In that same survey, a full 36% of consumers felt that advertising created by professional marketers was effective. Not surprisingly, 49% of professional marketers thought the same.

The take away from this is that professional marketing and professional marketing techniques really can make a difference.

A professional marketer, for instance, might advertise a VPN Service as something you can use to enhance your privacy and security online.

A clumsy marketer might latch onto a fear-based campaign, trying to convince you that anybody and everybody else sharing the Internet with you is trying to spy on every single thing you’re doing, which is absolutely silly.

The former example actually packages the service in an attractive way and appeals to people based on what it offers. The latter simply tries to scare them into buying something without even explaining to them what it offers.

When you’re engaging in online marketing, remember not to insult your audience’s intelligence and not to get it into your head that there is some easy, magical way to be successful. It takes work, it takes study and to take sensitivity to the people you’re trying to market to. Don’t be a nuisance.

Veronica Clyde is writer at – a website where you can read reviews about the best VPN providers. You can read more about VPN services by visiting her website.

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  1. Nuisance is now spreading in the internet. Nice info which will be prove so useful for all blogger and online marketers. thanks for sharing.

  2. Hey Brankica,

    This is a much needed Post. I think in internet marketing it’s all too easy to cross the line and go from being a legit blogger into being a spammy one.

    I see marketers try and use Altruism all too often and I think that some marketers feel that this is necessary because for some reason they are under the impression that selling for the sake of selling is a bad thing. Which isn’t true at all.

    Anyway awesome post :)

    - Mark T.
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