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How will this blog help YOU make online income?

There is about 99% chance you are on this blog because you want to make your blog or website more successful, better ranked, attract more traffic and make more money.

Running a successful blog or a website takes some work, planning and organizing. Add some networking and SEO and you are on the right track.

However, we know marketing isn’t easy at all. So I show you here what works and what doesn’t in online marketing!

You can learn all that here! Week after week I post about the best things to do, to move your blog up the social and search engine ladder.

Sounds interesting?

What qualifies me to be the right person for this?

I have been online since summer 2009. and I have ranked my niche sites pretty, pretty high in Google… I also sold some of them for way more than I had invested in them.

So I guess you can say I kinda make money doing this stuff… Oh, I also quit my full time job in 2010. and do this full time.

More important, I can help you learn how to start on the right foot and what to do with different aspects of building your blog or website. I am here for you.

I am not here for the sole purpose to make money off of you, but to help. Don’t get me wrong, there are affiliate links here and if you purchase something through them and I make a buck or two I won’t say no. I offer services and products as well… But… I want to help you build a better blog.

I also won the big 2011. traffic generation blogging contest where my post competed with 30 other posts (along with $1.000 reward). Yup, I know a thing or two about traffic generation as well.

The one thing I do is implement some, not all, of the tips I have up my sleeve. I mean I haven’t even been working on this blog more than 5% of my time, don’t post on it regularly, don’t slave over it all the time, yet it makes me money… So you know I am doing something right.

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Who am I?

My name is Brankica.
I am a proud wife of a blue eyed prince, a puppy mom to three beautiful dogs, a travel addict, personal fitness trainer, internet and social media addict, shooting instructor, an IPSC shooter, SCUBA diver and much more :)

I graduated from Sports University and now, I am a stay at home puppy mom :)

Besides really liking this internet lifestyle, I also enjoy summer, sun, travel, shooting competitions, motorcycles, tattoos, diving…

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