Hootsuite Syndicator Tutorial – How and Why to Use This Free App


Few days ago, Hootsuite added a new app to their app directory and in the spirit of everyone freaking out over the end of Google Reader, I think this app is the solution for it. If you are not a Hootsuite user, this social media management tool is free to use (with limited features). However, you can try the Pro account with everything they have for free, by signing up for their 30 day free … [Read more...]

Fabric8ted Theme Review – Theme Fabricated from StudioPress

Fabric8ted theme - fabricated theme from studiopress

As a complete Genesis addict, I stopped looking at other themes and frameworks every time I want a redesign.  I just go through StudioPress gallery and pick what ever I like at the moment. Last time I needed a new theme, I was not only after looks, I wanted the function too. A very specific thing actually.  I needed a widgetized home page that will allow me to be more creative than … [Read more...]

How to Effectively Use Facebook Open Graph for Business

facebook ad conversions

Honestly, I didn't dig much into the Facebook Open Graph since I got it but I ran into an amazing post with some really good ideas and had to see how cool Graph really is. I got a pile of ideas from it and connected with some targeted groups where I can further connect with people who are interested in the stuff I do. I believe anyone should give it a go, and if you missed me posting about … [Read more...]

The Ish Just Got Real – WordPress Reviews Plugin is Here

WordPress Reviews Plugin

If there is one thing I love to do, it is review things. This site is a great example of that, I review product I use all the time. So you can only imagine my happiness when Hesham first launched Author hReview plugin, just for people like me. Not only it allowed me to display the cool stars in my review posts, but also helped my reviews rank in Google and look good in the search results … [Read more...]

How to Add Google Plus Comments to Genesis Theme

google comments on genesis

Now that we clearly see that Google is using Google Plus as one of the ranking factors in search results, everyone started paying more attention to Google Plus. No surprise then, that as soon as Google Plus created the comments feature for Blogger blogs, everyone wanted to at least try them. I don't even question if I should do it, seeing how Google Plus is becoming more and more important, … [Read more...]

Affiliate Bonus Plugin Review – More Money From Clickbank Products

Have you ever been happy for discovering a plugin? I know I have and it happened again, just a few days ago, when I ran into the Affiliate bonus plugin. If you are promoting any product from Clickbank, you will love this one too. And if you are not promoting any Clickbank products, what are you waiting for? Do you know how many good info products they have? For example, one of my favorite … [Read more...]

Hootsuite Helping You Learn Social Media


I've been a Hootsuite addict for a long time now. It is actually the longest lasting service I have been paying for since I've started working online. I use it to run a pile of my own social accounts, clients' accounts and to keep up with everyone I want. It just makes social media management extremely easy and what I love about it the most that the Hootsuite team keeps adding social networks … [Read more...]

Think before you sign up for Feedblitz

Subscribe to Feedblitz via email

I've been using Feedblitz since the first time I heard about Google going away from Feedburner. Everywhere I turned, people were raving about their service, so I had to try it. Let me get straight to the point. Once you sign up for Feedblitz, you can create a RSS feed for your blog (like Feedburner) and use the service for email marketing. The price of the service is based on the number of … [Read more...]

How to Avoid Being a Nuisance with Online Marketing


Online marketing has become an industry unto itself. If you have a product that you’re willing to sell, somebody’s willing to sell you another product that supposed to tell you how to market your own product. It’s important to remember that marketing is actually something that does require knowledge, some degree of education and, most certainly, sensitivity to your audience. Marketing … [Read more...]

Webmeup Review – Web based SEO tool with full free trial

webmeup review

No matter how good you write, how helpful you are and how good you promote your site, you will always need at least some search engine optimization. Some sites will need it more than others, but no one can do without. That is why you see me often write about it and especially review tools that may help you with your optimization. Today, I have another one to show you, still in beta but … [Read more...]